• 4-Beautiful baffle TV

    Interior in modern style

    Perfect little apartment in a loft style, which holds a really small field. The corridor is decorated by the red brick that forms the home bright and original apartment. In the living room and bedroom brick painted white. Zones interior divided by divisions. The bathroom…

  • 1-Brick walls in the interior of the house

    Beautiful appartment in Dusseldorf

    This beautiful brick house is situated in Dusseldorf. This adorable house is designed for a little household. Close to the mansion is a gorgeous garden, which can be admired through the panoramic windows. The inside of the house is dressed in an ecological way. The…

  • 3-Beautiful white kitchen with black details

    Contemporary White Apartment Design In Sweden

    The beautiful Swedish apartment is decorated in a classic white. Interior in White looks stylish, elegant and luxurious. The interior in Scandinavian style looks airy and inspiring. White color always gives the interior of freshness and originality.

  • 3-Black matte kitchen interior of the house

    The bright Scandinavian style in a modern apartment

    Beautiful and bright Scandinavian style house is situated in Sweden. House interior is decorated in Scandinavian style furniture has a more modern and classic style. The interior of the house is a large number of bright metallic items, crystal items. The inside utilizes a large…

  • 2-A small children's room interior of the apartment


    Beautiful interior design is decorated in Scandinavian style. The inside of the apartments are two basic colors: black and blank. Interior in white and black color looks bright, stylish and harmonious. Two colors look real decent and original interior of any apartment. In the living…

  • 3-small bedroom with beautiful pillows

    Beautiful Apartment in Paris

    A minor area of the apartment is only 40 square meters. The small apartment is situated along the top level in Paris. The cozy and original interior looks really fashionable and modern, and some wooden beams and beautiful dark fireplace creates a particular air of…

  • 3-Bright workstation with live plants

    Bright House in Portland

    Bright family house is located in Portland. The inside of the house is adorned with simple details. The owner of the house creates a bright part and accessories, items for people. Close to the mansion is a beautiful green landscape, with large trees, beautiful shrubs…

  • 3-Artin bright interior

    Beautiful country house with large terrace

    Beautiful and roomy house is located in Australia. The mansion provides a beautiful vista of nature in the grand. Close to the mansion is a beautiful terrace, which looks cozy and comfy. The interior of the house is a large number of furniture made of…

  • 2-Wooden white stripes

    White Floor Home Design Ideas

    White floors in the interior – a popular and modern feel for any room design. The interiors with white floors looks – original, and really magnificently. White floor looks best on natural materials: wood, stone, brick and other fabrics. For interior decoration is best used…

  • 4-House with elegant lighting

    Beautiful houses with terrace

    Beautiful mansion house is situated in the US, the house is situated in the middle of the wood. Close to the mansion is a beautiful picturesque scene with excellent landscaping. This beautiful house is split into two zones, a guest room, kitchen, living room, bath, toilette….

  • 4-beautiful furniture in country style with beautiful accessories

    Country Kitchen Ideas

    Country style – a cozy rustic atmosphere that can be produced in a modern flat. To create a country flair, it is worth to introduce wooden objects, furniture, accessories. You can also use wicker products, ceramic items, and items that are created manually. Country style…

  • 6-Bright accents in the interior of the room

    Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

    Bright and spacious kitchen in a Scandinavian style – an excellent choice, particularly for small kitchens, but also for big kitchens. Scandinavian style will accommodate anyone who likes calm colors, natural fabrics. The parentage of the Scandinavian style emerged in Scandinavia. In the Scandinavian interiors…

  • 3-Wooden headboard of the bed

    Wooden Bedroom Design Ideas

    Bedroom with wood – not only give comfort and warmth, but also create original interiors of the house. Wooden bedroom can be created in any way. Accessories can also be constructed out of wood. Wood – a material that brings, and creates an aura of…

  • 1-modern cooker hoods

    Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

    Kitchen – a space where not simply going to dinners and lunches, but also pass time for cooking. When cooking food smell spread throughout the apartment, which is not always pleasant, and it was created for kitchen hood. Modern hoods have various types, sizes and…

  • 2-interesting form of chairs

    Creative Minimalist Chairs

    A beautiful collection of chairs made by designers Fritz Hansen, Han Kjøbenhavn. These chairs are sold in New York. Unique chairs are made in special amounts. These chairs will accommodate into any modern interior.

  • 11-gray sofa

    An apartment in an old house combined with the artist workshop located one floor up

    THE HOST Andrew – a student. METRIC AREA 120 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3.3 m Andrew moved into his apartment in 2010 to live in one house together with his brother Zhenya, whose artist workshop is one floor up. The design was…