• 3-Black matte kitchen interior of the house

    The bright Scandinavian style in a modern apartment

    Beautiful and bright Scandinavian style house is situated in Sweden. House interior is decorated in Scandinavian style furniture has a more modern and classic style. The interior of the house is a large number of bright metallic items, crystal items. The inside utilizes a large…

  • 5-Furniture in blue

    Classic New York Apartment

    The turquoise color in the interior is stylish and exuberant. The apartment is placed in New York. Cobalt blue color looks good and combined with other colors. Each room looks mysterious and magical. In the living room wall turquoise decorates the inside of the flat….

  • 6-Beautiful accessories in the interior of the apartment

    The beautiful apartment of a Swedish interior

    Burnished and beautiful interior bedroom apartment in Sweden. The apartment is only 58 square meters. Proper use planning, light furniture and big windows make the inside of the flat is very roomy and brilliant. The walls are adorned with beautiful curtains with inscriptions. In the…

  • 6-Vibrant Youth bedroom

    Bright Apartment in Brooklyn

    Luxury apartment loft is located in Brooklyn. The interior is very high ceilings that are visually expanding the space. Double windows in the inside of a black box look very bright and strange. Dark walls in the interior look very stylish and smart.

  • 1-Bright living room with green items

    Bright House in London

    Beautiful and original apartment are located in London. The total area is 69 square meters. The flat is situated in a beautiful old home, merely it is embellished in a modernistic way. The modern apartment interior space is not separated, all the walls were taken…

  • 1-Beautiful blue carpet in the room interere

    Elegant Austrian House

    Beautiful and modern house is located in Australia. The house from the outside looks neat and beautiful. Summer terrace decorated with beautiful furniture on the terrace is a beautiful rattan sofa, which is decorated with beautiful cushions. Succeeding to the couch are a beautiful braided…

  • 4-beautiful window sill in the interior

    Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Interior

    The interior of an apartment in the Scandinavian style – a new movement in the invention of modern apartment or home. The interior of the Scandinavian style used white color that visually expands the distance, which is very usable in small flats. White color can…

  • 5-beautiful bedroom in shades of purple

    Beautiful Apartment in Spain

    The beautiful modern apartment is located in a beautiful and warm Spain. This interior was created by the studio Susanna Cots Design Studio. The interior of the apartment is decorated in a modern style, with bright colors.

  • 1-kitchen, loft-style in bright colors

    Loft Style Kitchen Design Ideas

    Beautiful and stylish kitchen, loft-style – a great option for a very creative and bright individual who love to change. Style loft is easily fitted for the kitchen which is in the loft, or any way that appears like a loft, or industrial premises. Create…

  • 1-The original landscape in the garden

    Beautiful landscape in the village

    Life outside the city, a beautiful location, plenty of green plants around the house. In any country site, you can create an original and beautiful way, using the original design ideas. When you produce an original design should plan and tick off the limits of…

  • 5-White flower pots

    Beautiful Flower Pots Ideas

    Beautiful house plants decorate apartments and households, and dedicate the interior a clean feel. Check out the plant should be in beautiful pots or flower pot. In modern shops there is a broad and varied selection of the most standard to exclusive flower pots.

  • 4-Beautiful colors in the interior of a bedroom

    Minimalist Children’s Room Ideas

    Children’s room – a place where a good time for children. A child’s room should think in advance, choose the right furniture, accessories and toys. Should choose beautiful wallpaper or wallpapers with images of animals, cartoon characters. Do not take a many colors in the…

  • 1-Long and beautiful corridor

    Corridor Design Ideas

    Decor Corridor many leave at last, but he should likewise pay attention to and place it in an interesting way. The corridors are of different sizes, distances, and patterns. Corridor typically has a small area, without natural light. Therefore, in the corridor to be used…

  • 4-cozy kitchen with pink shades

    Decor Ideas For A Cozy Kitchen

    Roomy, comfortable, and beautiful kitchen – a dream of any. To produce a cozy kitchen should consider every detail of the interior. In every room is very important not only to create the stark decor, but also functional amenities. The kitchen doesn’t only look perfect,…

  • 6-black matte kitchen

    Modern Black Kitchen Design Ideas

    Black kitchen breaks all the stereotypes used in the interiors of the kitchen together with other shades. Thither is a great choice of stylish kitchen furniture and appurtenances. Black kitchen looks stylish, extravagant and unique. Black style kitchen is ideal for those who want to…

  • 5-letters and symbols on the Scandinavian kitchen

    White Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

    Scandinavian style uses a soothing color palette. The principal colors that is used – white, beige, dairy, color like bone, cream, coffee shades, clear greenish, clear blue. This color scheme is easily mixed with contrasting shades – black, brown, gray. Light shades in the interior…

  • 7-bright pink color

    Modern Indian bedroom

    Interior Indian style bedroom gives mystique, passion and spirituality. The bedroom is best to mix vivid colors with pastel. Indian styles in the interior give the interior harmony and ease.

  • 5-dresser with map

    Chests of drawers in the interior

    Chest of drawers in the interior of the desired target, which is not just usable but also beautiful decorative details. The locker is an indispensable item in the interior. Chest of drawers can be located in the sleeping room, because it is stored in the…

  • 6


    Metric area: 65 m² Ceiling height: 2.6 m Number of rooms: 2 Floor number: 11 Alexandra moved to Moscow almost 20 years ago to qualify as an engineer and this gave her a ticket to the world of interior design. Now she works for a…

  • 39

    A two-room studio in minimalist style with natural wood and stone finishing

    THE HOST Oleg Dow – an artist. Architects: Olga Treivas, Ekaterina Kletskaya. METRIC AREA 67 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 2 CEILING HEIGHT 3 m Oleg bought his apartment in Aerobus Residential Complex in 2009. It represented a concrete perimeter then. The host decided to cooperate…