• 1-The original landscape in the garden

    Beautiful landscape in the village

    Life outside the city, a beautiful location, plenty of green plants around the house. In any country site, you can create an original and beautiful way, using the original design ideas. When you produce an original design should plan and tick off the limits of…

  • 4-Bright living room in the interior dining area

    Beautiful dining area in the living room

    The roomy dining room or dining area – the dream of anyone who loves to spend more time with loved ones. The dining area can be emerged by a cozy accessories, furniture, objects. The dining room should be filled with natural light, with additional lighting…

  • 5-Blue dining kitchen

    The Blue Colour Trend In Interior Design

    The blue color in the interior came from the times of the Empire. Decorated in blue shades bring peaceful atmosphere, moreover, it is a noble and impressive color. Shades of blue would be appropriate in any style from classic to hi-tech. The bluish color is…

  • 5-Purple color with yellow in the kitchen

    Modern Kithen Ideas with Purple Color

    Purple color gives the interior elegance and appeal to any room. Purple hues are cold, and this color is well suited for the kitchen. Purple hues in the inside of the room should be used with extreme care, as this color calms and reduces appetite….

  • 4-a bar with a beautiful interior shelves

    Original Home Mini Bar Ideas

    The original saloon is ideal for those who like to hold home parties or gatherings with acquaintances. Each house keeps a small stock of drinks for cocktails, which can be kept in the bar, while creating the aesthetic appearance of the interior of the room….

  • 4-Shades of beige in the interior of the room bathroom

    Beautiful Bathrooms With Fireplaces

    Hearth in the interior of any room gives the interior a luxurious and stately appearance. Hearth in the inside of the room creates a tender ambience. Placing the fireplace in the bathroom – the original decision, a fireplace can be utilized not only for heating…

  • 4-Bedroom with wooden headboard

    Stylish House In Barcelona

    Beautiful and smart house in Barcelona, it is filled with warm and cozy shades of springtime. The highlight of the apartment are large windows and high ceilings that are visually expanding the space. Living room shared with dining area, kitchen and a beautiful wooden partition….

  • 6-Bedroom with a glass partition

    Gray And Stylish Scandinavian style

    A modest studio apartment consists of 38 square meters, it is decorated in Scandinavian fashion, but with gray shades. This flat is located in Sweden, this flat is ideal for a young couple or a modest household. Living room has several convenient, functional areas. Near…

  • 4-House with elegant lighting

    Beautiful houses with terrace

    Beautiful mansion house is situated in the US, the house is situated in the middle of the wood. Close to the mansion is a beautiful picturesque scene with excellent landscaping. This beautiful house is split into two zones, a guest room, kitchen, living room, bath, toilette….

  • 2-Green color with accessories in the bedroom

    Bedroom Decorating in Green

    With the coming of spring, many people want to alter the state of affairs in the interior, which will refresh the interior and bring the inner heat and fresh atmosphere in the interior. Pull in a sleeping room in shades of green can be compounded…

  • 1-Unique wooden house

    Wood House Design Ideas

    Small and functional house is placed outside the city in Portugal. This home was designed modern studio Aires Mateus. The house is located in a wonderful scenic location adjacent to the river Sado. Architects have created two houses, the entire expanse of each house is 14…

  • 3-lighting of the trees in the garden

    Garden Lighting Design Ideas

    Lighting in landscape design takes on an significant part. Lighting landscape design should be designed in advance to plot looks great only in daylight, but at night. Lighting plot should be not simply ornamental. Functional lighting should be set up so that at nighttime you…

  • 4-Balconies with open doors

    Balcony Kitchen Design Ideas

    Kitchen with balcony – a beneficial opportunity to expand the distance as a modest kitchen and a wide kitchen. Roomy and functional kitchen dream of every housewife. The spare space is necessary and useful. Kitchen with an open balcony should be composed in the same…

  • 3-beautiful bedroom with a living room interior

    Bedroom/living room Ideas

    Small apartment requires a proper arrangement of furniture, and the division of the room into zones. Keep room and chamber can be usable and easy. In one way, you can create multiple zones: bedroom, living room, walk-in wardrobe. The most comfortable option – place a…

  • 4-ladder in the bed

    Creative Bedside Tables

    Bedside table – this is the most important thing next to the bed, which can function as a usable and look very practical and intimate. Nightstand will be relevant for those who love to take a book, newspaper, magazine, or at bedtime. As well on…

  • 0-roof with grass

    Ideas for Amazing Roof

    A roof over your head should be not just long-lasting, but also attractive in appearance. In today’s world a new fashion on unusual and interesting roofs that are strange, creative. More likely to own the original roof of the building that are in the city,…

  • 5-Studio kitchen in a small apartments

    Small Apartment Interior Design

    Small flats are frequently one or two-bedroom flat. For a small apartment well suited open floor design, which will be split into zones. In a little apartment in advance costs to consider design. For registration of a small apartment is more beneficial to select light…

  • 8-golden lamp

    Gray color in the interior

    Gray color in the interior – new and fashionable trend. The gray color can be used in any room. This is a really interesting and original color. Proper usage of gray color in the interior will get many advantages. He will make the interior luxuries…

  • 9-dark bathroom

    Ideas for Small Bathrooms

    Intention of a small room to be very comfortable, functional. Produce all the ideas in a small room is not gentle. Worth to consider in advance where it will be a bath or shower. The bathroom should be a certain accessory: sink, bathroom and WC,…

  • 4-bright green wall in the bedroom

    Interior design for small bedrooms

    Small bedroom interior design should be properly set up, with the right colors and add-ons. Bright shades in the bedroom will expand the space and dark shades, on the contrary, will construct the room visually less. Design best option for room combining bright colors with…

  • 3-table by the window

    Beautiful kitchen corners in the interior

    Choosing the kitchen table is a very important task. So you should very carefully approach the choice of furniture. Many people love to ferment at a table for dinner with guests, chat, or engage in creative work. Turn the board can bear a small, comfy…

  • 10-plastic chair


    Metric area: 84 m² Number of employees: 24 Art-Personality Occupational Guidance Centre has rented an office on the Embankment of the Neva River in St. Petersburg for two years already. Its employees help high-school children find their occupational positions and hold different trainings and meetings…

  • 8-plenty of pots


    Metric area: 500 m² Number of employees: 74 The previous office of Wine Bureau Company was located on the second floor of Good Wine supermarket, which afforded a good view of shopping spaces. Yet, the metric area of the ex-office was too small as the…

  • 8


    Profile: Web site design, development of smartphone applications and advertising campaigns for Russian and foreign brands Metric area: 700 m² Number of employees: 65 “Legion” Internet agency moved to a half-storey of a big business centre just a few months ago. By efforts of leaseholders…