• 4-Beautiful baffle TV

    Interior in modern style

    Perfect little apartment in a loft style, which holds a really small field. The corridor is decorated by the red brick that forms the home bright and original apartment. In the living room and bedroom brick painted white. Zones interior divided by divisions. The bathroom…

  • 1-Brick walls in the interior of the house

    Beautiful appartment in Dusseldorf

    This beautiful brick house is situated in Dusseldorf. This adorable house is designed for a little household. Close to the mansion is a gorgeous garden, which can be admired through the panoramic windows. The inside of the house is dressed in an ecological way. The…


    Stylish Apartment in Scandinavian Style in Sweden

    Classic style apartments in Sweden with nice and modern furniture. The original interior of the home and a modern classic color scheme. Chic Sweden apartments in Scandinavian fashion. The inside is adorned with bright accessories, paintings, photos. The inside of the apartment is used convenient…

  • 1-Luxury Living in shades of purple


    The opulent and glamorous house looks like a modern apartment house is situated in the mountains, snow-covered chalet. Design house is decked in a contemporary manner, all the accessories thoroughly thought through. The internal furniture is cast by bright textiles. The inside is adorned with…

  • 5-The snow-white bedroom with bathroom

    Beautiful Apartment In London

    Beautiful and spacious flat located in the UK. The inside of the apartment is adorned in a Scandinavian fashion. The living room wall is adorned with a beautiful red brick. The living room holds a beautiful stove that warms the room. All the furniture is…

  • 5-beautiful view of the nature of

    The best country hotels in Tuscany

    Beautiful and charming hotel in Tuscany, Italy. The interior uses traditional style with modern furniture, and accessories that look modern and fashionable. The inside looks rather charming and cunning.

  • 6-Original indent into the interior

    The interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence

    Beautiful kitchen in the style of Provence – it is the aspiration of any housewife. The design of the kitchen, which is combined with the living room, as decorative elements in the form of beautiful flowers. Roses are used in the decoration of pink tint….

  • 6-Large kitchen with island

    Beautiful house in the mountain

    Beautiful and luxurious mansion is situated in a hilly expanse. This fantastic house has been created by designer company Pearson Design Group. This beautiful house looks good in the highlands. In the interior plan of the home and used natural materials that stress the natural…

  • 2-Glass doors in the black partition

    Glass Doors For Interior

    Glass doors, interior partitions are used for sliding doors. Glass doors can be in different frames: metal, wood. Doors with glass inserts can be in different styles: sliding, accordion. Glass doors are real usable and practical for any interior.

  • 1-Beautiful living room with bedroom

    Beautiful apartment in Sweden

    A modest and cozy one-bedroom flat is located in Sweden, the total area of the apartment is only 38 square meters. The apartment interior designed in Scandinavian fashion. The spacious living room is made in white. In the sleeping which is combined with the living…

  • 4-acorns with beautiful accessories

    Cozy Acorn Decor Ideas

    Acorns are a fine material for decoration of the house in autumn, and springtime. Natural materials are ecological, both natural, and budgetary for decoration of the household. The entrance door is the first that passersby, people who come on a visit to see. It is…

  • 1-small apartment in Poland

    3 Small Apartment Designs

    This small apartment is situated in a little township in Poland. The expanse of this little apartment is only 29 square meters. Only in the old home is very high roofs, and a big plus, which allows you to produce a two-level apartment. In a…

  • 23-long table


    Company: Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners — architect bureau Metric area: 320 m² Employees: 37 Architect bureau Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners started its history 11 years ago, when three graduates of Moscow Architectural Institute decided to launch a private business. Small avocational studio rapidly grew into…

  • 6-large window

    Small and bright apartment

    Modern apartment in a bright color is in Vancouver. In this apartment is home to small family.  Apartment Interior careful attention to detail as very little space and the parameters are small apartments. The designer worked hard and long on the interior to make it perfect…

  • 7-bright pillows

    10 examples of cozy benches sills

    Sill in the inside and the bench looks very beautiful and interesting, it is obvious that this bench is the aspiration of many. The bench is not alone in the interior decor, but also below the bench has drawers for things.