• 4-Beautiful baffle TV

    Interior in modern style

    Perfect little apartment in a loft style, which holds a really small field. The corridor is decorated by the red brick that forms the home bright and original apartment. In the living room and bedroom brick painted white. Zones interior divided by divisions. The bathroom…

  • 1-Brick walls in the interior of the house

    Beautiful appartment in Dusseldorf

    This beautiful brick house is situated in Dusseldorf. This adorable house is designed for a little household. Close to the mansion is a gorgeous garden, which can be admired through the panoramic windows. The inside of the house is dressed in an ecological way. The…

  • 3-Beautiful big bed in the interior

    Apartment-style Loft in Finland

    The beautiful interior of the apartment is adorned in a loft style. The flat is settled in Finland, in an old factory. The interior of the apartment with high ceilings is ideal for interior decoration in the style of the loft. A small region of…


    Stylish Apartment in Scandinavian Style in Sweden

    Classic style apartments in Sweden with nice and modern furniture. The original interior of the home and a modern classic color scheme. Chic Sweden apartments in Scandinavian fashion. The inside is adorned with bright accessories, paintings, photos. The inside of the apartment is used convenient…

  • 9-Bright interior of the house terrace

    Cozy House in Washington

    The cozy and gentle house is located in Washington. The old house has been updated, and make a beautiful renovation. The house has a large area, and every place functional, comfortable and practical. The interior is decorated in various colors, the basic colors of peach,…

  • 6-Original indent into the interior

    The interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence

    Beautiful kitchen in the style of Provence – it is the aspiration of any housewife. The design of the kitchen, which is combined with the living room, as decorative elements in the form of beautiful flowers. Roses are used in the decoration of pink tint….

  • 6-Large kitchen with island

    Beautiful house in the mountain

    Beautiful and luxurious mansion is situated in a hilly expanse. This fantastic house has been created by designer company Pearson Design Group. This beautiful house looks good in the highlands. In the interior plan of the home and used natural materials that stress the natural…

  • 1-Beautiful Japanese style house

    Japanese Style Interior Design

    Eastern design is very popular in the interior. Oriental style gives the interior of the harmony, tranquility, ease, and the appliance. Japanese-style should use the minimum quantity of furniture, accessories and targets. Relevant natural materials: wood, glass, gem. Natural materials make the inner warmth and…

  • 4-Bedroom with wooden headboard

    Stylish House In Barcelona

    Beautiful and smart house in Barcelona, it is filled with warm and cozy shades of springtime. The highlight of the apartment are large windows and high ceilings that are visually expanding the space. Living room shared with dining area, kitchen and a beautiful wooden partition….

  • 4-House with elegant lighting

    Beautiful houses with terrace

    Beautiful mansion house is situated in the US, the house is situated in the middle of the wood. Close to the mansion is a beautiful picturesque scene with excellent landscaping. This beautiful house is split into two zones, a guest room, kitchen, living room, bath, toilette….

  • 1-Beautiful wooden house with wood trim

    4 Beautiful Country House

    Beautiful house was made completely of wood. This big house is projected for big family. Interior of the house in the style of Provence with modern details. This home is totally environmentally friendly. The house is environmentally friendly, as is composed completely of wood inside…

  • 3-long table

    Sweden country house

    The mansion owned by a lovely architect Anna Lanty Niklasson, and her large household. In the courtyard is open and convenient program. These small beautiful houses situated in the southerly region of Sweden. The home is situated near the forest. Close to the mansion is…

  • 4-kitchen in rustic style

    Cozy country house in England

    Cozy and beautiful spacious home is located in England. The house is located out of town, but it is made in a modern style. The interior uses modern colors, natural fabrics. Bright accessories are beautiful textile pillows fuchsia. In the House of a large bit…

  • 54


    Sergey Gridchin, the founder and mentor of “Gridchinhall” art centre, left Moscow for a village on the riverside 4 years ago. Though he has been collecting works of art for many years, he has never thought himself a collector. Perhaps, that’s because his interests are…

  • 8

    Beautiful country house in the valley of Hallingdal, Norway

    Beautiful wooden house and is in a small village in Norway. The house has a beautiful view outside the House holds a triangular shape, reminiscent of a large and long attic or barn. Windows in the apartment are large and sinister outline.