• 9-dark bathroom

    Ideas for Small Bathrooms

    Intention of a small room to be very comfortable, functional. Produce all the ideas in a small room is not gentle. Worth to consider in advance where it will be a bath or shower. The bathroom should be a certain accessory: sink, bathroom and WC,…

  • 1-beautiful view of the tower

    Beautiful apartment in the center of Paris

    Charming apartment located in the heart of Paris. The window provides a neat perspective of the Eiffel Tower. In contrast are also romantic and smart house. The interior uses only bright vintage furniture that highlights the French style.

  • 4-kitchen in rustic style

    Cozy country house in England

    Cozy and beautiful spacious home is located in England. The house is located out of town, but it is made in a modern style. The interior uses modern colors, natural fabrics. Bright accessories are beautiful textile pillows fuchsia. In the House of a large bit…

  • 24-red chair


    Metric area: 1200 m² Number of employees: 150 Last year B2B-Center, which specializes on E-commerce, moved to a new office due to a rapidly growing number of employees. What the owners were striving for was to create a comfortable working space in a conveniently located…

  • 27

    Pure white and light house in Israel

    This apartament is modern and beautiful hotel, which is located in ISRAEL. This impeccable design created great designers Angela Lanciano  and Cher Sela Design. The main highlight of the interior is decorated bright white interior – white color, background. In the interior there is only…

  • 5

    Lovely bright interiors in Budapest

    This bright and interesting apartment located in Budapest. These magnificent interior designers created Csorba Anita. This very talented designer creates a highly original and striking interior that excite and delight. All her designs are filled with bright accents, moreover, it is able to combine the…

  • 10

    Black and white color in the inside. Apartments in Sweden.

    The flat are settled in Sweden, and induce a small area, which is only 48 square meters. The flat is situated in the center of Gothenburg. A small apartment is made very practical and comfortable, and looks very large and spacious, as it causes no…

  • 6-lounge

    Bright house where live cats

    Impressive home? It is fully designed for comfortable living cats, and for the convenience of games and so along. This fantastic home is located in California. In this home lived the happiest cats for them to deliver the most comfortable living conditions.