• 6-Original indent into the interior

    The interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence

    Beautiful kitchen in the style of Provence – it is the aspiration of any housewife. The design of the kitchen, which is combined with the living room, as decorative elements in the form of beautiful flowers. Roses are used in the decoration of pink tint….

  • 4-wood color champagne

    An apartment with rounded walls covered with oak and a through space along full width of the apartment upon the project of Peter Kostelov.

    OWNER Igor – an entrepreneur Metric area 114 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 FLOOR 5 CEILING HEIGHT 2.8 m Igor bought an apartment in a new residential complex “Smolenskaya Zastava” two and a half years ago rather for investment than for living in it. The…

  • 4-beautiful interior with bright tiles in the interior

    Decorative Stone Kitchen Design Ideas

    Kitchen – a beautiful, intimate and comfortable space where we expend a great deal of time in the eventide. The most common example of plugging into the kitchen and living room. Combined living room, kitchen is very functional and comfortable. For decor in the interior…

  • 5-Mint shades in the interior

    Green Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

    Light green bedroom – bright and original solution, which creates a comfy and relaxing ambience. Green refers to the instinctive and natural shades. The greens are well suited for the bedroom, they are relaxing.

  • 7-kitchen for guests

    Country Classic Home Design Ideas

    Modern and stylish house are decorated in a classic style with black and white shades. The classic color scheme looks great thanks to artificial lighting. Around the house there are beautiful green trees and plants.

  • 5-Wooden furniture in the interior

    Modular Home Fincube

    Compact and unique house is constructed of wood and holds a beautiful build. The house is on a hill and looks very compact and convenient. This house can be dismantled and moved to some other position. This will allow the house to move a place…

  • 5-beautiful bedroom in shades of purple

    Beautiful Apartment in Spain

    The beautiful modern apartment is located in a beautiful and warm Spain. This interior was created by the studio Susanna Cots Design Studio. The interior of the apartment is decorated in a modern style, with bright colors.

  • 4-Beautiful staircase to the second floor

    Beautiful Attic Apartment

    Beautiful and bright apartment situated in the loft. A minor area of the apartment is only 36 square meters. This flat is adorned in shiny colors in a Scandinavian fashion. The apartment receives the original plan, which shares a studio apartment into several operational areas.

  • 6-Beautiful Wooden

    Luxury Ski Chalet in the Alps

    Unusual and beautiful house, chalet in the Alps. Deep down, the house is original and forward-looking conception in a minimalist way. The total area of this house is 530 square meters. The house has three levels, comfy sleeping rooms, guest bedrooms, kitchen room with open…

  • 1-A beautiful staircase in the tower

    Industrial House In Water Tower

    House with a water tower – original, comfortable, and economical. This water tower has an area of 400 square meters. From the previous tower was created a prosperous and modern place. This tower has 6 levels. On the ground floor there is a convenient garage,…

  • 6-Large kitchen with island

    Beautiful house in the mountain

    Beautiful and luxurious mansion is situated in a hilly expanse. This fantastic house has been created by designer company Pearson Design Group. This beautiful house looks good in the highlands. In the interior plan of the home and used natural materials that stress the natural…

  • 1-Beautiful white wooden house

    Modern Minimalist House

    Beautiful country house a total field of 100 square meters. This house has 3 floors. A low area on the site, which was the chance to make a humble but comfortable home. House and interior designed in a minimalist way, because of the small distance….

  • 2-orange sofa in interior

    A two-room apartment at Belorusskaya

    Olga moved into her apartment about three years ago. The repair took half year. Olga changed the layout and thought over the storage system. The bathroom and the toilet room were combined and a niche for a shower cabin was made. A large wardrobe appeared…

  • 4-Making pencils in banks

    Organisation: Kids & Toy Storage Ideas

    Keeping toys in the children’s room is a very important task. Keeping toys should be very comfortable for the child. The storage system must be very practical and comfortable. Plastic and soft toys should be stored separately from each other. The easiest option to store…

  • 2-Easter cookies in the interior

    Easter Decorating Ideas

    Easter – it’s neat and bright holiday that everyone linked with springtime. The main Easter decor is beautiful branches with flowers and painted eggs. For interior decoration for Easter, you can employ the most brilliant color. For decoration good fit bright colors: blue, orange, pink,…

  • 7-Plants in hanging pots

    Plants In Bathroom Design Ideas

    Potted plants in the interior play a very important role. Beautiful and live plants are not only aesthetic, but also benefit. With the help of live plants may create a soft and sleek interior. Big fan of plants like the idea of bathroom design with…

  • 5-Pale pink shades in the interior of the room

    Cool Purple Bathroom Design Ideas

    Bright purple color brings to the interior of the bathroom unusual style, and makes the interior is unique and stylish. Purple color has many shades from the brightest to the darkest. The most popular shades of dark purple, purple shades.

  • 4-Extra-shelf interior

    4 Original racks and shelves in the interior

    The most original and unusual chest of drawers, which was created by designer Sebastian Neeb. This regiment is framed in the form of an accordion. Shelf framed wood and door decorated fabric and have a large number of pleats.

  • 7-Original lamp in the interior of the room

    5 Unique Lighting In Decor

    Beautiful and unusual lamp that creates a London company Vit. Beautiful lamp created in the form of a beautiful world. Glass bowl looks very nice and original. Lamp white will look good in any interior. The lamp can be used in two ways, it can…

  • 2-Beautiful lamp on the wall

    Modern Lamp For Lighting

    This lamp is handmade called Origami. It was created by designers balance borderless architecture. The lamp has an original shape, and the lamp is reminiscent of origami object. This lamp decorate any room, lavatory. It is available in any color. Basically you have two color…

  • 1-Serfboard in the interior

    Surfboard Design Ideas

    Surfboard – this is a neat item for any interior, and for those who love sports, and marine motifs that are reminiscent of holidays and vacation by the sea. This piece of furniture, interior brings a positive attitude.

  • 4-beautiful sconces in the interior of the apartment

    Modern Wall Sconces Interior

    The lighting in the interior makes for an significant part. The play of color and luminosity in the interior will be able to make an original interior that can accent any area in the interior of the room. Fixtures, namely lamps produce incredible views.

  • 1-Beautiful Japanese style house

    Japanese Style Interior Design

    Eastern design is very popular in the interior. Oriental style gives the interior of the harmony, tranquility, ease, and the appliance. Japanese-style should use the minimum quantity of furniture, accessories and targets. Relevant natural materials: wood, glass, gem. Natural materials make the inner warmth and…

  • 4-beautiful bedroom with the original bed

    Cool Ideas For Bedroom

    Beautiful and spacious sleeping room – it’s everyone’s dream. Bedroom interior should bring joy, relaxation. The modern pace of life, it is necessary is under constant stress, and in the evening should relax. When you construct a bedroom, consider the size of the room. Too…