• 4-multicolored

    Nuage Bookstand

    A series of variegated modular bookstands was created by Charlotte Perriand when she worked for Jean Prouvé’s fashion house. Inspiration was drawn from Japanese architecture and furniture design, which Charlotte studied in the land of the rising sun in 1940s. Numerous modules, which the bookstand…

  • 3-beautiful lamp

    Artichoke Lamp

    A story-telling name of this chandelier reveals the source of inspiration for the Danish designer Poul Henningsen – a common artichoke. The lamp is designed in a way, which gives soft scattered light. And thanks to 72 copper petals the bulb doesn’t strike the eye.

  • 2-developer.JPG

    Gras Lamp

    Back in 1922 Bernard Gras, a French engineer, created his first lamp from a couple of hinges, steel pipes and a nickel-plated shade. And he spent the rest of his life changing the quantity of parts and inventing more and more variations. Thanks to its…

  • 3-sofa

    Chesterfield Sofa

    By hearsay a truly classic quilted leather sofa with armrests and back located on the same level is the fruit of imagination of a British Earl Chesterfield. He was a famous politician and trendsetter of the 18th century. And though historically the earl’s participation in…

  • 4-black pillows

    Tulip Dining Group

    This futuristic dining group — “Tulip” table and chairs — was born as a result of Eero Saarinen’s experiments with fiberglass. In 1956 it was a brand new material and the American designer decided to make the legs from traditional aluminum. The appearance of this…

  • 2-beautiful fireplace

    Outstanding panoramas of fire by Planika at the Conrad hotel in Dubai

    Project: Izel Restaurant, Conrad Hotel, Dubai Project by WA International, supervision by Patricia Holler Year: 2013 The Izel restaurant at the Conrad Hotel is known as an ideal place for a business lunch or family dinner. Apart from an excellent food, the main attraction of…

  • 7-beautiful

    Aalto Vase

    There are a few versions of how a famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto worked out the look of his big-time vase. Some think that he was deeply impressed by traditional Eskimo costumes. Others believe that he borrowed the winding shorelines of Finnish lakes.

  • 6-different chair in color

    Grand Confort (LC-2) Arm-chair

    This sort of a classical club arm-chair was designed by Le Corbusier with the assistance of his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and a young French designer Charlotte Perriand. Made in 1928, it’s penetrated with the spirit of those times: bent steel pipes, black mat leather.

  • 4-neighboring pieces of décor

    Noguchi Table

    Isamu Noguchi created his ceremonial sculptural table by order of Herman Miller Company. Its designers were so deeply impressed by the other Noguchi’s table made for the President of MoMA that they asked the sculptor to design a model for large-scale manufacturing. The table’s frame…

  • 5-such functional pieces

    Ball Clock

    A ball beaded on a metal core is one of the most popular modernist interior motives. Perhaps, George Nelson, the author of a Ball Clock, was the first to use utilize this image with a shade of atomic aesthetics. Truth is, there are many doubts…

  • 3- Express Coffee Maker

    Moka Express Coffee Maker

    Alfonso Bialetti, an Italian engineer and the founder of the same-name company, distinguished himself by buying a coffee maker patent from an inventor Luigi De Ponti. The newly-designed product was so desired since for the first time people got a chance to make espresso on…

  • 2-modernist spirit

    Barcelona Couch

    In 1929 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a pioneer of European modernism in architecture, was entrusted with a task of national importance. He had to create an interior design for a German hall at the international exhibition in Barcelona. The master arranged a truly austere…

  • 2-green tray

    Pieces of furniture from pallets

    Pallets – that one piece of furniture that can stand out clearly, and produce from it a piece of furniture is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Do not look at the tray just like a simple affair, which is designed for…

  • 1-CONFLUENCE - designer XAVER LUST


    The collaboration between Pianca and the designer Xavier Lust gave birth to Confluence, a brand new table with a wooden surface on a fluent steel structure. Xavier Lust creates Confluence: the strong imprint of the designer -awarded by the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro”- is immediately recognisable…

  • 4-long fireplace

    Friendly fire

    Interior design is all about being innovative, exclusive, but most of all – functional and user friendly. Even when it comes to the warmth giving fire. However decorative and fashionable, fire has to be clean and convenient for the user. Following the latest trends in…