• 4-Extra-shelf interior

    4 Original racks and shelves in the interior

    The most original and unusual chest of drawers, which was created by designer Sebastian Neeb. This regiment is framed in the form of an accordion. Shelf framed wood and door decorated fabric and have a large number of pleats.

  • 4-a bar with a beautiful interior shelves

    Original Home Mini Bar Ideas

    The original saloon is ideal for those who like to hold home parties or gatherings with acquaintances. Each house keeps a small stock of drinks for cocktails, which can be kept in the bar, while creating the aesthetic appearance of the interior of the room….

  • 5-Ladies corner of beautiful chest

    Cool ideas for using trunks in the interior

    Chest for interior or an old suitcase in the interior – it’s the original decoration for any interior. Chest for interior or suitcase is not simply a beautiful piece of interior, but also functional. Lately, a very popular habit of old vintage items in a…

  • 1-stylish sofa and ottoman

    Colorful and Comfortable Furniture

    This series of sofas  Bubble. Smart and modern sofas are built by hand. These innovative and trendy sofas will look respectable in public arenas, recreation areas, in cafes and eateries. These beautiful and colorful sofas are created in three colors. Sofas are made of foam,…

  • 4-Spacious bunk beds for children

    Modern Bunk Bed Ideas

    Decor in a child’s room is a very important and hard job. Children’s room should be like children, it should be comfortable, convenient, have jobs and a comfortable rest area – sleeper. Sleeper must be original, beautiful, comfortable, and bright. Bedroom with bunk beds can…

  • 5-tables in the wall near the window sill

    Writing Table Design Ideas

    Writing Table - a composition of furniture that is virtually in every family. Most frequently employed as a writing desk and computer. Beautiful desk will give an elegant feel to each interior, and working atmosphere. Desk usually intended for the great comfortable working who are comfortable…

  • 4-ladder in the bed

    Creative Bedside Tables

    Bedside table – this is the most important thing next to the bed, which can function as a usable and look very practical and intimate. Nightstand will be relevant for those who love to take a book, newspaper, magazine, or at bedtime. As well on…

  • 4-piano in the dark living room

    Piano In Living Room Ideas

    Pianoforte in the interior should harmoniously arranged. Piano – a voluminous musical instrument that cannot be placed next to the batteries, oven, and other heating appliances, also should choose a place where there are no drafts, moisture, and direct sunlight. Has the best piano in…

  • 2-lots of drawers in the interior

    Interior chest of drawers

    Chest of drawers – it’s a pretty old attribute, which is used by our grandmothers for storage. In late years, fashion returns to old furniture. Chest of drawers – one manner to decorate a room, or interior of the flat. Chests of drawers come in…

  • 5-dresser with map

    Chests of drawers in the interior

    Chest of drawers in the interior of the desired target, which is not just usable but also beautiful decorative details. The locker is an indispensable item in the interior. Chest of drawers can be located in the sleeping room, because it is stored in the…

  • 4-green sofa in interior

    Sofas in the interior

    White sofa often can be found in a classical context. White color blends easily with natural fabrics. White sofas are really popular all over the globe and are in need. The greatest disadvantage of the old couch – fast, contamination, but modern detergents can correct…

  • 2-interesting form of chairs

    Creative Minimalist Chairs

    A beautiful collection of chairs made by designers Fritz Hansen, Han Kjøbenhavn. These chairs are sold in New York. Unique chairs are made in special amounts. These chairs will accommodate into any modern interior.

  • 10-mirror in a wooden frame

    Original wood furniture

    New and original furniture created for nature buffs. This solicitation is meant for the company Alexander and Matteo Bagnai for Momenti. This beautiful furniture gives the interior freshness and natural beauty. This furniture fits well with innovative interiors. This furniture will look very gallantly and…

  • 2-shoe racks at the bottom

    Convenient shelf for bicycle

    This functional shelf was created by the designer of Walde for the Post Fossil company. The multipurpose rack is made of a natural tree and coconut fiber. The rack is intended not only for convenient placement of the bicycle, also there are bottom regiments for…


    Funny Chair Petstools

    Funky chairs were produced by the talented German designer Hanna Ernsting Emily. The architect has created a series of funny chairs as pets, which she called Petstools. The chairs are very multifunctional and can be easily turned into comfortable paths. Chair in the form of…

  • 8-pink plastic


    Metric area: 136 m² Number of employees: 6 Kaledoscop company is engaged in design of LED lighting systems and occupies an office in a building of old housing stock in the heart of St. Petersburg. Its interior design was worked out by a famous Russian…

  • 2-letto-Spillo-frontale


    On the occasion of Milan’s Salone del Mobile, Pianca presents a restyling of Spillo, one of its most successful beds, without altering the identity of the item. Pianca introduces new bed upholstery that embraces the wooden frame, increasing the width of looks available. The bed…

  • 1-Panton Chair

    Panton Chair

    Verner Panton, a famous designer from Denmark, generated the design of this bright plastic chair back in 1950s, but finding the right manufacturer for bulk production was no easy task. Brand-new shape of his project and its experimental nature frightened big-name firms, until Vitra Company…

  • 1-gray sofa

    CINQUE by Formabilio

    Giovanni Agliottone and de.SMAG is one of the winners of the Formabilio contest “Essential – Ridotto all’osso”, launched in march 2013. The company is a startup that looks to ethical business and thanks to a short manufacturing chain (designer, manufacturer, customer) aims to valorise designers and…

  • 7-beige sofas

    Arco Floor Lamp

    Achille Castiglioni, a graduate of Milan Polytechnic School, believed that any piece of interior décor is meant to handle some problem. And sometimes a customer can be unaware of it. In his own house the future world-famous designer noticed that a luster terminal in his…

  • 1-black chair

    Eames Lounge and Ottoman

    One of the most recognizable pieces of material culture of the 20th century is an arm-chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames. The Eames spent many years to work out the technology, which would allow making furniture from pressed plywood. The first fruit of their…

  • 1-wooden chair

    Wishbone Chair

    The back of this chair by Hans Wegner, a Danish modernist furniture designer, reminds of a hen’s wishbone, which people break for luck. Its design was inspired by a picture: it featured Danish merchants sitting on chairs of the Ming dynasty (China). Thanks to exquisite…

  • 5-white chairs

    Thonet Сhair

    The most famous chair in the world was made by a cabinet maker Michael Thonet back in 1859 by order of a common Viennese coffee house. Made of six curved wood details, ten screws and two plain washers, it was meant to become perfect on…

  • 2-sofa

    Egg Chair

    In 1958 the ship of Arne Jacobsen, an architect and designer, came home: he got a grand order for creating interior designs of SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. For him it was in the first instance a good chance to try out his theory of…