• 6-Stylish living room

    Spacious Loft Style Studio

    Beautiful and roomy flat is decked in a loft style, and has a spacious arena of 115 square meters. Loft suitable for young man or a guy who likes a simple and uncomplicated processing. Loft-style seems very fashionable, mod and usable. Brick walls and windows…

  • 1-a beautiful house on the beach

    Gorgeous holiday villa in Spain

    The beautiful snow-white house is placed close to Spain. The house looks very decent, with a beautiful outdoor patio. Within the interior of the house is embellished in white gloss. Bright interior complement the graphic details, accessories, furniture, which creates a dividing line. This house…

  • 2-House outside

    Beautiful Country House In The Mountains

    Beautiful modern architecture. The cottage is sited near the lake in Canada. The cottage has modern décor, not just outside but also within. The house consists of two levels. A second floor bedroom, which unfolds onto a summer outdoor terrace, next to the bedroom is…

  • 6-Beautiful Wooden

    Luxury Ski Chalet in the Alps

    Unusual and beautiful house, chalet in the Alps. Deep down, the house is original and forward-looking conception in a minimalist way. The total area of this house is 530 square meters. The house has three levels, comfy sleeping rooms, guest bedrooms, kitchen room with open…

  • 1-A beautiful staircase in the tower

    Industrial House In Water Tower

    House with a water tower – original, comfortable, and economical. This water tower has an area of 400 square meters. From the previous tower was created a prosperous and modern place. This tower has 6 levels. On the ground floor there is a convenient garage,…

  • 6-Large kitchen with island

    Beautiful house in the mountain

    Beautiful and luxurious mansion is situated in a hilly expanse. This fantastic house has been created by designer company Pearson Design Group. This beautiful house looks good in the highlands. In the interior plan of the home and used natural materials that stress the natural…

  • 1-Beautiful white wooden house

    Modern Minimalist House

    Beautiful country house a total field of 100 square meters. This house has 3 floors. A low area on the site, which was the chance to make a humble but comfortable home. House and interior designed in a minimalist way, because of the small distance….

  • 4-House with elegant lighting

    Beautiful houses with terrace

    Beautiful mansion house is situated in the US, the house is situated in the middle of the wood. Close to the mansion is a beautiful picturesque scene with excellent landscaping. This beautiful house is split into two zones, a guest room, kitchen, living room, bath, toilette….

  • 2-Very beautiful stone roof

    The Water Tower

    The original house was refurbished from an old water tower. Architects have created a beautiful place for a comfortable stop. High towers with heights allows to keep the expanse close to the mansion and savor the surrounding nature. Around the house beautiful shrubs, trees, spruce,…

  • 1-Unique wooden house

    Wood House Design Ideas

    Small and functional house is placed outside the city in Portugal. This home was designed modern studio Aires Mateus. The house is located in a wonderful scenic location adjacent to the river Sado. Architects have created two houses, the entire expanse of each house is 14…

  • 5-beautiful concrete house

    Creative Houses Minimalist Style

    Beautiful and modern wooden chalet is situated in the picturesque prime location. The house has a unique design, unusual facade roof. Around the house develops a big number of deciduous trees. Porch have large glass doors, through which a beautiful aspect of nature. Near the…

  • 3-Holiday home in Sweden

    Modern Summer House

    Beautiful summer house in Denmark. The house was constructed from eco-friendly materials. Around to the mansion is very beautiful and picturesque nature, and in the structure of the landscape was not affected. Whole house are constructed of wood, and a terrace. Roof mounted solar panel,…

  • 4-original tree in the interior

    The luxurious house in California

    Beautiful private house Mansfield was designed by designers of Amit Apel, it is in a residential area in Los Angeles, California, USA. The house is a beautiful and comfortable interior, plenty of room to relax.

  • 4-Unusual House in the UK

    Beautiful Architectural House

    Beautiful and large mansion located along a hilltop near the pond. Windows offer scenic vistas of the beautiful golf course. The house was mostly made of wood. The mansion holds two levels and windows looking out over the pond. The mansion has everything for your…

  • 4-Luxury hotel on the island of Corsica Casadelmar

    Most Amazing and Unusual Hotels

    This beautiful boutique hotel called Snow, which is located in Korea. The hotel owns a large number of rooms in different manners. Each room looks cozy, harmonious and natural. The interior uses an unusual color, which looks magical. The decoration is often used brick gray….

  • 1-Office of Pixiv

    3 Bright Office

    The company’s office in Tokyo Pixiv Bright and cheerful office that has issued the company teamLab Architect. This office is situated in Tokyo. Pixiv – a large company, which is employed in illustrating and design. Work in the company’s artists, architects, illustrators. For bright and…

  • 0-roof with grass

    Ideas for Amazing Roof

    A roof over your head should be not just long-lasting, but also attractive in appearance. In today’s world a new fashion on unusual and interesting roofs that are strange, creative. More likely to own the original roof of the building that are in the city,…

  • 8-beautiful and warm weather

    The Crooked House in Sopot

    This beautiful building construction is located in Poland, Sopot. This building was built in 2004. It was planned by the architects Shotinskih and Zalewski. This building is the most beautiful sight, and is interpreted in the country as the most intense and interesting building. In…

  • 3-Light house on the water

    Floating House in Canada

    Beautiful home located along Lake Huron. This was designed Projects Agency of architects MOS. The home was named Floating House. The home was equipped given the ceaseless modification in the conditions, as the water level is constantly switching. Initially, during the construction led to about…

  • 4-amazing architecture

    Waldspirale, Darmstadt

    This marvelous place is a residential complex. The edifice was made in beautiful shape of a horseshoe. This home is situated in the little town of Darmstadt. The building of this wonderful home began in 1998, and in 2000 completed the construction. The home was constructed…

  • 25-bright chairs


    Metric area: 700 m² Number of employees: 53 The first Caffeine coffee house appeared in Moscow in 2006 and has managed to grow into a group of 32 cafes since then. Last year the company acquired a multifunctional office which occupied a few floors above…

  • 54


    Sergey Gridchin, the founder and mentor of “Gridchinhall” art centre, left Moscow for a village on the riverside 4 years ago. Though he has been collecting works of art for many years, he has never thought himself a collector. Perhaps, that’s because his interests are…

  • 17


    Metric area: 220 m² Number of employees: 5 Martela, a Finnish company engaged in public and office interior design sphere since 1950s, entered the Russian market about 20 years ago. For a start it promoted its products via Moscow distributors, but with time matured to…

  • 17


    Metric area: 165 m² Number of employees: 6 Talk Club is a young company founded just a year ago. It’s a peculiar kind of temporary modern office, conference hall, meeting room for informal talks and place to relax at the same time. The owners’ idea…