• 9-dark curtains

    A four-room apartment on Rubinshteina with a spacious layout and a secret room behind library cases

    THE HOSTS Andrey – an employee of an international organization in the Hague, Katya – a housewife, Nikita and Kseniya – their children. METRIC AREA 130 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 4 CEILING HEIGHT 2.7 m A spacious four-room apartment was rebuilt from a former communal…

  • 20-workplace

    A three-room apartment with vintage details and mobile furniture.

    THE HOSTS Masha – a fashion designer and an artist, Vitya – a graphic designer, an illustrator. METRIC AREA 75 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 CEILING HEIGHT 4 m Vitya and Masha rented a spacious apartment in 2010. The owner lives in Europe and he…

  • 2

    Huge and gorgeous loft in Riga

    These apartments look very gorgeous and even unique. The interior has the original glass roof. This wonderful home is located in the town of Brasov, Romania city. This house is next to the black church. The house is made in the interior in a very…

  • 6-large window

    Small and bright apartment

    Modern apartment in a bright color is in Vancouver. In this apartment is home to small family.  Apartment Interior careful attention to detail as very little space and the parameters are small apartments. The designer worked hard and long on the interior to make it perfect…

  • 23

    Modern interior of a garret-style

    Modern, bright and conservative style loft in all areas connected to the interior is very usable. This fantastic apartment is situated in an old mill, and was chosen style loft. The rooms don’t have doors, which pull in separate rooms. The flat has just partitions, glass…

  • 13

    Spacious loft in Scandinavian style

    This loft style very stylish and beautiful. Apartment – spacious, built in Scandinavian fashion. The apartment is used by a large number of white and gray shades that allows us to identify Scandinavian style. Due to two white interior looks a little more visually enhances…

  • 6

    Charming apartment central in Gothenburg

    Beautiful snow-white and flat. This flat is situated in an old theatre, and on the top level. It commands a beautiful and stunning view of the street. In this firm even has a spacious and comfortable terrace, and on sunny days it is in big…

  • 8

    Spacious Penthouse in Moscow

    Lovely and spacious ground floor which is placed in the loft. The flat is situated in this room not far from Moscow. The principal color in the interior red - dark. This undertaking was done in a simple and ordinary house that so moves with its…

  • 8

    Cozy apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Bright and very nice apartment situated in Sweden. The total area is about 60 square meters. The flat is situated in the little town of Gothenburg. The inside receives a lovely spiral staircase. Flair in the interior created in Scandinavian fashion.

  • 8

    Small and beautiful apartment in Moscow

    Small flat, which occupies is only 42 square meters. This smart flat is owned by a very beautiful, wonderful hostess Svetlana. The flat is in an old mansion, and the apartment itself was completely redone the taste of the proprietor. The flat is filled with…

  • 13-fireplace

    One bedroom bright apartment in Stockholm

    Lovely and smart apartment in which there are two small apartments, the entire expanse of the apartment is 43 square meters. This magical apartment is situated in Stockholm. The inside is ornamented in a livid color, with warm shades of beige.

  • 7-light window

    Small apartment for a lonely young lady

    Beautiful and bright apartment is situated in Stockholm. The apartment is really promising, and bounces. The entire area is very small 22 square meters. This apartment belongs to a young woman and dreaming.

  • 6-brick wall

    Modern apartment in Toronto

    Beautiful flat located in the attic, and Toronto, it is filled with bright colors, innovative furniture and beautiful accessories. The interior uses beautiful and interesting decoration made of artificial materials. The interior decoration of brick used materials. The interior uses old and vintage furniture. No…

  • 13-working area

    Fresh & Bright House

    The bright apartment, which is filled with white, interior cheerful and merry. The inside utilizes a heavy number of supported products, or those that have been set up at a flea market. The total area is 60 square meters. The kitchen holds a big number…

  • 6-lounge

    Bright house where live cats

    Impressive home? It is fully designed for comfortable living cats, and for the convenience of games and so along. This fantastic home is located in California. In this home lived the happiest cats for them to deliver the most comfortable living conditions.

  • 18-pillows


    Metric area: 72 m² Number of rooms: 3 Ceiling height: 2.6 m Floor number: 8 This newly-built apartment in the south of St. Petersburg is so far inhabitable, but the owner, a 25-year-old girl, plans to move in this April. Initially the lodging was three-room,…

  • 7-Wall shelves


    Metric area: 50 m² Floor number: 7 Ceiling height: 3.2 m Number of rooms: 1 On graduating from Moscow Architectural Institute Thamar decided to go further and continued her studies in Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design. Her graduation project was dedicated to Russian…

  • 2-central-oslo

    Modern apartment in central Oslo

    Beautiful and roomy flat is situated in Norway. Norway – Nordic country, and consequently living in this country people have to keep warm in their fundamentals apartments and houses. In Norway, the most ordinarily used in Scandinavian fashion. The insides of all rooms light color….

  • 6-beautiful tableware

    Great house in peaceful location

    Bright, and summer house, which sidesteps the whole year round warm and spring days. Outside the house there is a large amount of greenery and a large number of plants inside. Conclusion to the house at that place is a spacious large summer terrace, which…

  • 2-colourful-apartment

    Happy colourful apartment

    Bright flat with tons of beautiful and shiny accessories. This apartment will definitely elevate your spirits. To make an optimistic interior important to pick out not just the setting, but besides the correct accessories. Pay attention to the brilliant elements that will freshen the room,…

  • 11-orange bags


    Metric area: 600 m² Number of employees: 80 The founder of Nectarin ad agency specializing on digital communications decided to be self-employed with employees 6 years ago. Inspired by a rapidly growing interest for Internet technologies, he created a full-service agency including a strong strategic…

  • 7-comfortable hood

    Two-Room Apartment in Sweden

    The snow-white apartment consists of two rooms. The flat is situated in Sweden and thus for her practical Scandinavian style. Pure white interior diluted decorative objects, and a variety of paintings, furniture.

  • 11-gray sofa

    An apartment in an old house combined with the artist workshop located one floor up

    THE HOST Andrew – a student. METRIC AREA 120 sq.m NUMBER OF ROOMS 3 CEILING HEIGHT 3.3 m Andrew moved into his apartment in 2010 to live in one house together with his brother Zhenya, whose artist workshop is one floor up. The design was…