Pretty Little Flat in Paris

September 1, 2015
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1-yellow parts in the interior of the apartment

The little apartment has a total of 30 square meters. The cozy apartment is situated in Paris, designed by the renowned design agency. The apartment has been designed with maximum comfort for a new pair. The region of maximum openness, in that location is a big open country for study. The interior holds a convenient system of storage, clothing, and objects. The living room has been continued to the uttermost, and blended with a well-fitted kitchen. Modern, innovative design, easy to use cabinets with multiple hidden units. All equipment, family items, electronic gadgets hidden in the furniture. Succeeding to the kitchen there is a convenient kitchen island, which can be easily moved.

2-Beautiful shower room in the interior

The living room is adorned in white, which goes well with a wooden floor hazel. Dining table with high legs saves space in the interior of the room. Around the table are several small wooden stools. Near the living room is a gray sofa, next to which is an oval table. Some other section of the wall is drawn up by a cabinet with colored doors in white and beige shades.

3-Grey sofa in the interior of the apartment

The inside utilizes a sliding wall, door, which is very convenient and practical. The bathroom is decorated in a beautiful style. Narrow and convenient wash basin is placed near the shower. A big mirror is bright decoration, and visually expands space. Artificial lighting creates a cozy ambiance in the interior. The shelves are graced with colorful and original items and accessories in the shape of cartoon.

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