Beautiful apartment in Gothenburg

August 31, 2015
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1-Beautiful kitchen in shades of gray

Stylish modern and stylish design in the Scandinavian style has a lot of nuances and interesting details. The interior is white, which is well-blended with brilliant accents. Kitchen white goes well with gray facade kitchen looks modern and cozy. At the heart of the kitchen is a kitchen island, Courtyard surrounds decorated with beautiful tray on which there are spices, herbs, and live plants. Built-in appliances, white goes well with white appliances.

2-Brick wall in the interior of the apartment

The second component of the kitchen is decorated in a forward-looking way, beautiful wall is bordered with a reddish brick. Near the kitchen is a round table white, black chairs around a contrasting look. The brick walls are decorated with beautiful vintage watches. Draw close the entry there is a built-in refrigerator, which saves space. Poster Madonna adds style. White floors, beautiful look at the interior of the kitchen.

3-Bright living room with red details

A beautiful living room occupied with modern furniture, blank and black color. In the living room is a comfortable desk white color with beautiful sculpted legs. Along the table there are beautiful paintings, photos. Window sills are decorated with vases of blooms.

4-A small bedroom with a nice balcony and terrace

The bathroom is small but comfortable and functional. Beige headboard goes well with colorful cushions. Next to the bed are comfortable fixtures. The bedroom is a comfortable small terrace. Along the balcony in that location is a nice table and chairs, which are adorned with beautiful cushions and blankets for comfort. Live plants make the interior a convivial ambiance. Candle holders can be applied in the evening for a romantic mood.

5-Brick wall in the interior

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