Stylish Apartment in Barcelona

August 27, 2015
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1-beautiful interior with touches

Beautiful home, placed in a vintage style in Spain. Each room is spacious and comfortable. The home receives a comfortable livelihood for the whole household and invitees. Near the living room is a comfortable balcony with a beautiful vista of the garden. In the living room is used pastel shades. White sofa cushions decorated in shades of yellow. Paul veiled beautiful carpet with patterns, which are scattered cushions and ottoman. Coffee table from the battery looks – beautifully.

2-the original table from the battery

In the living room at that place are many corners for a comfortable stay, for example a nice leather chair, over which is a beautiful lamp. The walls are adorned with beautiful frame with black and white photos, and drawings.

3-long kitchen in white

Kitchen combined with dining area. Beautiful white facade cuisine goes well with stone countertops. At the center of the kitchen is a glass table, which floats in zero gravity, and maintains a small kitchen space.

4-Beautiful spacious bedroom

A beautiful bedroom is connected to a small bathroom. Above the bed are beautiful paintings, and comfortable lighting in the shape of a heavy electric light. The toilet is decked in a classy manner, white color goes good with beige shades.

5-Bright children's room

The bedroom is designed for two kids. The chamber has a bunk bed, which saves space in the room. Approach the bed is a comfortable table, on which there are pictures, photos. Instead, the cabinet interior using a big box where you stash away all the miniatures.

6-work space in the bathroom

Next to the sleeping accommodation and bathroom is a comfortable table, a unique combination in the interior.

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