Bright apartment in New Jersey

August 26, 2015
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1-beautiful interior in shades of yellow

Beautiful original interior of the house in rich yellow color. The inside is yellow shades in a miscellany of subjects: the walls, accessories, furniture, textiles. By contrast, use white color which mixes well with yellow walls. The living way is filled with intense detail, accessories and components. In the middle of the living room is situated on the original coffee table legs, with glass top. Around the coffee table is a white sofa and beautiful vintage chair in yellow and bluish colors. Sofas and chairs are decorated with beautiful and colorful pillows in green, golden hue. Fireplace decorated with bright and original design.

2-The original bar in the interior of the living room

The living room holds a beautiful table with beautiful branches in the shape of wooden legs. On the table is a bar with beautiful cups and decanters. Above the table is set in a beautiful mirror. In the living room at that place are beautiful paintings, photos. On open shelves are beautiful plates, vases in dark blue shades.

3-Comfortable chairs with beautiful tables

Near the window is a beautiful table with a comfortable chair  with upholstered seat. On the table is set a beautiful lamp on a white stem. On each table there are beautiful sweet flowers: tulips, orchids.

4-Beautiful golden table in the interior

Beautiful glassware delightfully looks at the golden feet. Little table are placed near the gilded chairs and adorned with sweet blooms.

5-Bright candle in the interior

On the mantelpiece original candlesticks are arranged in the shape of ice blocks. The walls are embellished with paintings, and beautiful lights in the form of candles. Beautiful paintings filled with vivacious colors.

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