Beautiful Tiny Apartment

August 26, 2015
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1-Kitchenette in the interior

The little apartment has a diminished area of only 13 square meters. The room was divided into two parts. The apartment is at least a little, but very pragmatic and usable. Approach the entryway is a modest and comfortable kitchen. To prepare the food using a minimum of space, pullout tabletop saves space in a small kitchen. The kitchen also has a handy little built-in refrigerator for food storage.

2-The bedroom on the second floor

From the second level overlooking the recreation field. In the living room is a dining table, folding chairs, white hammock, which is placed near the window. On the second level there is a bed on which the mattress and blankets cushions, located adjacent to the original lamp that illuminates the sleeping area.

3-A small table in the interior

The dining area holds a work desk, which is amplified and can be applied as a dining table. Next to the dining table placed books, paintings, which are placed on the floor. Bicycling is suspended along a wall to keep save space in the room.

4-closet in the interior of a living room

The division that divides the living room serves as a storage console, and household appliances. In the closet is a small washing machine, vacuum cleaner. For convenient storage of clothing used a narrow chest of drawers. All unnecessary items can close the door, which is very practical. Adjacent to the kitchen is a small narrow bathroom with shower and toilette. On the second level is a black staircase, which can be utilized for drying clothes. This flat is ideal for a student or a youthful couple.

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