Bright House in California

August 25, 2015
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1-The beautiful interior of the apartment

Beautiful and original small house are located in California. This home is projected for a rural getaway with friends, and it causes a diminished area. Close to the mansion is a gorgeous green forest. The yard has a comfortable table with chairs where you can sit and enjoy nature. The inside of the mansion is really prosperous and harmonious. The interior of the living room using purple shades, which seem absolutely natural. The walls are graced with burnished and beautiful photographs in black and white that looks atmospheric. Dark walls in the inside of the living room are well looked beautiful white frame with images that look really beautiful and original. The living way is cozy fireplace, which is decorated in white color scheme. Nearby there is a box of firewood. Interior home complement live plants, beautiful flowers with bright buds.

2-The original entrance to the house

Bright kitchen looks neat, with original work apron in the kitchen. Beautiful geometric patterns in shades of violet. In the kitchen are open shelves, which are adorned with beautiful white crockery. Worktop in the kitchen has a metallic material. The inside of the home is decorated in natural and pastel shades, the interior looks good convenient and simple furniture, which are dressed in shades of beige and decorated with colorful cushions.

3-Bright and beautiful wall in the interior of the kitchen

Laconic and chair is adorned with beautiful pillows with designs that illuminates a seating area. Beige sofa in harmony with the beautiful striped armchair. Sofa and chair is decorated with beautiful pillows with patterns.

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