Beautiful English Country House

August 24, 2015
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1-Beautiful country home interior

This beautiful house is situated in the US, near a small lake. This big house is projected for a comfortable stay in the peace and comfort. Around the house a lot of greenery, trees and bushes. In the yard is a patio with a lid, where you can shelter from the rain or sun. Laconic Kitchen made of natural wood. Close the kitchen wall is adorned with ornamental rocks. The facade has a closed kitchen shelf, which houses, dishes and foods. All appliances, built into furniture, which saves space. The living room is situated adjacent to the kitchen, which is very convenient and usable. The highlight of the living room is a beautiful panoramic windows through which can be seen a beautiful landscape. The roof is adorned with beautiful wooden beams which hold up the ceiling. In the center of the living room the original iron chandelier, which serves not only as decoration, but also a well illuminates the living room in the evening.

2-Bright oars in the interior apartments

Interior of the house in a maritime style complementary accessories, and paintings. On the boards are placed figures of boats along the walls hung with colorful paddle. Paintings with marine motifs adorn the walls in the interior.

3-The wooden dining table in the living room interior

Each room is decorated tree: wooden walls, ceiling, furniture and floors create harmony and a welcoming atmosphere in the interior of the home, which is decorated in a country style.

4-The wooden bed in the interior of the room

The walls of the bedroom accommodations are decked with wood paneling, located in the middle of a wooden bed, close to the bedside table made of bamboo and a folding chair. Section of the wall is adorned with black and white pictures that complement the theme of the interior chambers.

5-Boat on the terrace

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