Apartment-style Loft in Finland

August 24, 2015
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1-Beautiful black matte kitchen

The beautiful interior of the apartment is adorned in a loft style. The flat is settled in Finland, in an old factory. The interior of the apartment with high ceilings is ideal for interior decoration in the style of the loft. A small region of the interior was split into two floors and is situated along the second level sleeping room. The interior in the style of the Loft is in a minimalist style, and has a large amount of open space, which is illuminated by natural light. On the ground level there is a kitchen, with a nice breakfast bar that divides the living room and kitchen. The kitchen has lots of cabinets closed matt black. The black facade kitchen is combined with a light top. The living room is dressed in shades of grayish. The walls in the interior kept in natural colors. Concrete looks good loft. The walls are decorated with beautiful paintings, drawings. Approach the wall is a gray sofa, which is adorned with pillows and white cover. Instead of coffee tables used wooden stamps.

2-A narrow shelf with beautiful cereals

Succeeding to the kitchen there are open shelves, which are adorned with beautiful glass jars, vases, paper cup of teas with spices, cereals and beautiful dishes.

3-Beautiful big bed in the interior

The bedroom is situated on the second level has a beautiful glass wall. The dark window frames look with contrasting white. The bed is on the floor where there is a heavy mattress. Low gray cabinets look good in the interior. The bedroom is a large mirrored wardrobe, which is placed along the entire wall. Adjacent to the bedroom there is a comfortable workplace.

4-The original staircase with a beautiful shoe racks

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