Contemporary White Apartment Design In Sweden

August 21, 2015
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1-Beautiful and spacious interior corridor

The beautiful Swedish apartment is decorated in a classic white. Interior in White looks stylish, elegant and luxurious. The interior in Scandinavian style looks airy and inspiring. White color always gives the interior of freshness and originality.

2-White chest of drawers from Ikea interior

White prevails in every detail: in furniture, tableware, textiles, and other accessories. White looks gentle and comfortable, it goes well with shades of pink and golden details. With white color harmoniously looks black, and looks contrastly.

3-Beautiful white kitchen with black details

Most of the furniture from Ikea and it looks great in the interior. Spacious hallway decorated with beautiful wallpaper with a pattern. Chests of drawers decorated with beautiful paintings, candlesticks, books, and living plants.

4-The white bar in the interior of the kitchen

White spacious kitchen has a large number of bright parts and accessories, and modern appliances. Appliances metallic colors in harmony with the white color of the kitchen. Crockery in the interior has a flamboyant style in black and white.

5-White dining table in the living room

The living room is divided from the kitchen beautiful white wall, which is decorated with black frames with quotes. Near the wall is a comfortable sofa in white, which is decorated with beautiful pink cushions. Next to the couch is a convenient coffee table, with a beautiful crystal vase, which is filled with fresh flowers. Near the kitchen there is a comfortable dining area, a beautiful white table, designer chairs are situated around. Pink roses underscore the delicacy of the interior. Next to the dining table is a beautiful cupboard, which houses dishes.

6-A spacious bedroom with a living room

The bedroom is decorated in a classic white style. The gray headboard looks very contrasting and stylish, the floor is decorated with beautiful fur rug, which gives the interior a cosiness and comfort.

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