Beautiful Black & White Apartment

August 19, 2015
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1-beautiful white staircase

Pretty small apartment has two levels, the interior of the apartment is adorned in a Scandinavian fashion. The total area is about 59 square meters. Cute apartment located in Gothenburg. Previously, this was a simple loft apartment, which was met with old things. For a small flat white was chosen to visually enlarge the place.

2-Grey sofa in black and white interior

The living way is small size, sofa gray separates the room into two sections. Succeeding to the sofa is a beautiful white coffee table and a comfy chair. The sofa is decorated with small pillows, and a knitted blanket that looked very cozy.

3-Beautiful stove in the corner of the living room

The interior of the living room is a small stove, and on that point is a convenient wall near where you lay in firewood. The blank walls are adorned with beautiful black and white pics of large proportions. Next to the stove is a dining table with chairs in white.

4-The small kitchen in white

The subfloor interior looks good and contrast in combination with the white kitchen. The zones are separated into small wooden beams black.

5-The spacious bedroom in the interior

The master bedroom has a small area, and is dressed in a minimalist fashion. High bed decorated with beautiful gray blankets. Instead of clothes hanging rack is used, which on the roof. Along the wide windowsill arranged books, a beautiful bottle with flowers.

6-Beautiful white kitchen

The large corner kitchen is decorated in a minimalist style. The white facade of the kitchen in harmony with gray covers and black appliances. The inside of the home is adorned with bright objects, and accessories in the shape of birds, deer and other little creatures, paintings.

7-duplex in white

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