Spacious Loft Style Studio

August 17, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-Spacious living room loft

Beautiful and roomy flat is decked in a loft style, and has a spacious arena of 115 square meters. Loft suitable for young man or a guy who likes a simple and uncomplicated processing. Loft-style seems very fashionable, mod and usable. Brick walls and windows in black frames look very stylish, and the sensation of industrial space, which is very superseded for the loft.

2-Workplace bedroom loft

The bedroom is connected to the workstation, which is located near the window. Workplace separated from the bed by a glass partition in a black frame. The headboard is decorated with wooden planks.

3-Beautiful lighting in the interior of the bedroom

Near to the bed are black cabinets with tons of ledges. Approach the bed hanging lamps that illuminate the bed in warm colors, and are reflective panels.

5-Bathroom style Loft

The bath looks like a museum, a lot of brilliant and original details. The toilet is decked in shades of grayish. What looks really brutal and stylish. In the niche of the bath are large wooden boxes that serve as the original object. Brass bath looks very fashionable and beautiful bulbs create a intimate ambiance.

6-Stylish living room

Living room connected to the kitchen and dining area with stylish wall. Originally the interior seems more black lamppost, which is the backbone.

7-Gray in the interior of the kitchen at home

The dining area is divided from the living room by a beautiful wooden wall with a bunch of plants that afford the inside a cheerful ambiance and innovative style. The inside utilizes a modern design furniture.

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