Gorgeous holiday villa in Spain

August 17, 2015
Posted in Architecture

1-a beautiful house on the beach

The beautiful snow-white house is placed close to Spain. The house looks very decent, with a beautiful outdoor patio. Within the interior of the house is embellished in white gloss. Bright interior complement the graphic details, accessories, furniture, which creates a dividing line. This house is projected for a summer vacation from the urban center. Close to the mansion is a beautiful scenic region.

2-glazed living room

The living room is sited next to the summer terrace, where a glass door leads. The walls in the living room dressed as a large glass window. Along the patio is a comfortable rattan furniture: chairs, coffee table.

3-Beautiful lamps above the bar

The kitchen is located adjacent to the living room. Facade kitchen decorated in white, side by side of the work area is a comfortable bar table where the the whole family can to stay for dinner. The living room holds a comfy sofa in white, with bright pillows. On a wide coffee table are books, flowers, candles for decoration.

4-Low ceiling in the bedroom

A small sleeping room with a low ceiling is decorated in shades of beige, which is easily complemented with brown and green shades. The dressing room is in the closet, which is very convenient and functional.

6-Beautiful white apartment interior

The inside of the home is really gracious and bright ribbon of the roof of the white wooden planks. The dining area is located just off the kitchen. The dark wooden table fits well into the interior and fits well with the interior of the kitchen.

5-light green plaid interior

The corridor is decorated in warm shades and part of the wall is adorned with wooden panels, which produce a classic style.

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