Bright Beautiful Loft in Portland

August 14, 2015
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1-wooden table in the kitchen interior

Beautiful and bright apartment in the loft is located in Portland. The apartment seems really shiny, stylish and innovative. Industrial premises defined in the living room has become quite a popular phenomenon among young people. Stylish furniture perfectly underlines the interior in the style loft. The kitchen is very spacious and open, the facade of the kitchen is decorated in shades of brown, and the work area is framed by a glossy white tile that framed hood. In the kitchen, a small amount of the closed shelves, but there are open shelves that decorate dishes, spice jars, vases.

2-Wooden ceiling beams

The living room seems very easy and thick. At the middle of the room is a couch that has a multitude of shelves. Succeeding to the lounge is a sofa from a coffee timber. Close to the table are comfortable ottomans that are placed along the base. Opposite the couch on the wall features a beautiful chest of drawers, which has a TV, small accessories, and a lot of scripts. White shelves decorate books, original supplements. The inside is a mass of existing plants that enliven the air.

3-Beautiful bright bathroom with white tiles

The bath is really roomy and practical, white tile visually expands the space and makes an elegant style in the kitchen. A big mirror over the sink set visually expands the space. The bedroom is really wide, decked with a beautiful headboard and bright pattern in black and ashen.

4-a spacious kitchen with a beautiful facade

For the decorations used in the kitchen products that produce a cozy ambiance. In glass jars advantageous to look dry foods, spices. Above the dining table is a beautiful chandelier, which looks great.

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