Pretty feminine small apartments

August 13, 2015
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1-beautiful kitchen in white

Beautiful, feminine apartments are decorated in Scandinavian style. A modest single-bedroom flat has a small field of 36 square meters. Studio apartment looks very innovative and fashionable. The inside is adorned with beautiful vintage items, and innovative accessories. The interior looks very nice and sophisticated.

2-bright living room with bedroom

The living room is separated into two regions, one area: a sofa with a coffee table, and the other portion of the single bed. Opposite the sofa is a beautiful modern white base that serves as a storage and text files. Above the bed is a vintage book shelf for books. The kitchen is adorned in black and white style.

3-small living room

The second apartment is also framed in white, but has a more feminine color, and details. The interior is very stylish and elegant. White works well with pale pink shades. One-bedroom flat has a small area of 38 square meters. In the modest living room fit comfortable kitchen, a cozy dining area and seating area. White color in the interior perfectly expands the space and gets the room more. White most comfortable and practical interior, it is perfectly in harmony with other hues. Complement the interior pink accessories: candlesticks, bright cushions, paintings. Yellow refrigerator that looks appropriate in a corner of the kitchen. The inside of the apartment is not full of things, and unnecessary items.

4-Bright white with yellow kitchen refrigerator

The bedroom is decked in a classic manner, there are standard accessories that adorn the interior of the room: sheepskin, original watch, beautiful box of mint shades and bright pillows that adorn the bed

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