Bright Private house in London

August 12, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room in shades of blue

This colorful and original house is located in London. This house belongs to designer apparel. The mansion appears as shiny and original, as considerably as the creativity of the decorator, who himself designed the bright interior of the flat. The flat is filled with vivid colors and a variety of brilliant accessories. The dining area is combined with the living room. The living room is painted in shades of gray, with blue stripes. Blue furniture in the interior goes well with gray room. Small sofa decorated with beautiful blue plaid with white-haired, beautiful and colorful cushions. The dining table is lined with little tiles.

2-Beautiful bedroom in shades of pink

The bedroom is really spacious and beautiful, the basic colors – green with beautiful flowers, next to the bedroom is a beautiful open dressing room, where a great number of decomposed clothing and shoes.

3-The spacious bathroom with a beautiful sink

The bathroom is decked in a modernist way with beautiful details and natural stones. The bathroom is decorated with a beautiful mirrored wall, which is located near the bathroom on the beautiful legs. The sink and countertop is made of natural white rock that seems graceful. The inside is decorated with bathroom Interior: flowers, paintings, gilded candlesticks.

4-Vivid detail in the interior with beautiful pictures

The kitchen is situated side by side to the patio, where the dining table is white, around which there are chairs in red, which make a dividing line. Above the dining table is a beautiful chandelier in red, which is combined with chairs.

5-a spacious kitchen with lots of bright details

The kitchen is roomy and spread with dozens of open shelves, which are situated along the beautiful dishes, vases, plates with bright images.

7-beautiful silver wallpaper in the interior

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