The Bright House in Marbella

August 11, 2015
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3-Beautiful terrace in the interior of the apartment

Luxury house located in Mauritius. The house is surrounded by beautiful palm trees, it delivers a beautiful terrace with a roof, and an outdoor pool. The house is located on a hill, and proffers a really hopeful and beautiful sights.

2-The dining area with beautiful walls in beige color

The living room is carved up into two zones, which are distinguished by the brilliant colors. From the first level overlooking the second base. On the ground floor is used modern, bright living room in white. In the middle of the living room is a white fireplace, which is dressed with live plants. The dining area is adorned with wooden beams brown. In glass cases is a beautiful utensil for serving.

4-Bright living room with cribs

The mansion is located kids room with two baby cribs. The room is embellished in a nautical motif. Approach the bottom is a beautiful coffee table on which there are children’s toys.

6-Blue accessories in the interior of the apartment

The inner circle of small accessories, items that complement the interior of the apartment: bright shades of blue crockery, linen pillows and bright fabrics.

7-The spacious bathroom with round window

The bathroom is decorated in a beautiful classic style. Above the bathroom is a beautiful round window. The bathroom is decorated in a classic style with beautiful legs.

8-Bright bedroom with beautiful bed and colorful cushions

Bath located in the sleeping room and looks very elegant and pragmatic. The chamber is decked in shades of white with blue details. The chamber provides a beautiful view of the nature, and has a balcony. Above the layer is a canopy of snowy.

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