August 7, 2015
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1-a beautiful black and white in the interior of the apartment

Beautiful interior design is decorated in Scandinavian style. The inside of the apartments are two basic colors: black and blank. Interior in white and black color looks bright, stylish and harmonious. Two colors look real decent and original interior of any apartment. In the living room is a beautiful fireplace, which is dressed with of artificial stone. Approach the fireplace are beautiful paintings, photos in a assortment of ways.

2-A small children's room interior of the apartment

Children’s room is dressed in black and whitened, which was diluted with vivid detail, accessories, children’s toys in bright colors. On the shelves are beautiful and coloring books. Along the walls are photos of beautiful children. In the greenhouse at that place is a baby grand piano and a little shell that is utilized for the game.

3-Bright job in black and white

In the living room is a beautiful, comfortable computer desk white from Ikea. Black wall looks really bright and contrast, which are beautiful photographs, paintings, postcards. The children’s room has a slate wall on which children can draw with crayons.

4-Beautiful living room with beautiful accessories

In the living room is beautiful and comfortable dining table, which is situated near the dining table around which chairs are dark. In the living room is a gray sofa. The chamber is decked in shades of grim and livid. Bed pillows decorated in dark and white colors. In the middle of the living room is a beautiful round table with a beautiful tray. Beige carpet harmoniously looks into the interior of the apartment. On the walls, and a variety of beautiful images in frames.

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