Classic New York Apartment

August 6, 2015
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1-bright turquoise wall

The turquoise color in the interior is stylish and exuberant. The apartment is placed in New York. Cobalt blue color looks good and combined with other colors. Each room looks mysterious and magical. In the living room wall turquoise decorates the inside of the flat. The living room holds a beautiful and bright furniture with beautiful patterns. Around the chair is a beautiful bright color.

5-Furniture in blue

Large and spacious living room is embellished in the style loft, brick wall looks great and is really beautiful. The walls are shiny and beautiful paintings in a contemporaneous way. Near the brick wall are shelves that adorn the beautiful books, frames. Turquoise sofas decorate and complement the interior of the flat. Blue harmony well with bright yellow accessories.

4-Cute children's bedrooms

The children’s room has two layers, there are two jobs for youngsters. Between jobs is a convenient shelf book. On the shelves are bright, colorful toys, figurines, awards children.

3-Beautiful kitchen with pink shades

The kitchen is adorned in the colors of gray, metallic color looks very fashionable, modern and elegant. The inside of the apartment has a work area, which is dressed in shades of aqua. Vivid books complement the interior in shades of aqua. Yellow and beige shades of turquoise blend well in the room.

2-Bathroom and bedroom very bright with beautiful pictures

The bedroom is adorned with bright wallpaper, which depict flowers and trees. The inner walls are built-in shelves, which can be utilized instead of the cabinets. Toilet decorated with bright wallpaper and paintings that look cheerful and positive.

7-vivid details in the bedroom

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