The beautiful apartment of a Swedish interior

August 4, 2015
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1-Beautiful room in bright colors

Burnished and beautiful interior bedroom apartment in Sweden. The apartment is only 58 square meters. Proper use planning, light furniture and big windows make the inside of the flat is very roomy and brilliant. The walls are adorned with beautiful curtains with inscriptions. In the living room is a sofa, coffee table, and a beautiful and comfy sofa.

2-Bright living room with kitchen

The bright gamma interior creates a spacious feeling, accessories and bright details complement the interior. Live plants make the interior a freshness and luminosity. The inside is ornamented with photos, books, magazines, candles, decorative pillows.

3-Kitchen in white with a beautiful table

Near the kitchen is a convenient and comfortable area with nice chairs with comfortable seats. In the interior of the living room sofa is a beautiful wide mirror.

4-Beautiful bedroom in bright shades

The chamber is adorned in vivid shades of beige, the bottom is made of wood and painted white. Next to the bed are beautiful tables with beautiful lamps, which dissipates a soft luminosity. Approach the bottom is nice and comfortable sliding wardrobe with mirrors. Empty space decorated beautiful pink box.

5-beautiful crowns in the interior

The kitchen is nice and neat, enclosed lockers instead used open shelves, which are arranged beautiful dishes with beautiful and bright accessories. Near the window there is a beautiful shelf for wine. Chrome appliances perfectly with white facade kitchen.

6-Beautiful accessories in the interior of the apartment

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