August 3, 2015
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1-Beautiful room in a bright interior of the apartment

Beautiful and spacious loft, decorated in brilliant colors. In the interior there are the mild parts, appurtenances, and objects. The inside of the house holds many large windows and bright and modern furnishings. The inside of the apartment is adorned in bright detail. The inside is tender and cozy atmosphere, with feelings that bring a tender ambience.

2-Beautiful entrance to the terrace

The roomy living room has several comfortable places to stay, and comfortable accommodation. In the living room is a comfy and intimate home with a nice comfortable chair, where the table with a beautiful and convenient lamp. Interior of a living room adorned with bright paintings, and photos. Succeeding to the holiday destination has beautiful round carpet Hand Made.

3-Beautiful living room with lots of plants

In the living room a bunch of plants that bring a merry ambiance. The inside of the apartment has a large number of baskets of vivid, smart materials with beautiful pillows and a warm blanket

4-Bright kitchen with beautiful bar

The kitchen is combined with living room and dining area, the measure is a dining table made of wood on the beautiful legs. The facade is dressed with a kitchen using wood, where there are many household appliances.

6-Elegant bedroom with a beautiful bathroom

The chamber is adorned in black and white shades with beautiful details. Sill decorated with beautiful live plants. Bottom decorated with beautiful bright plaid. The bathroom is very spacious and comfortable. The interior looks cozy wooden furniture, which looks really promising and original. A glass door leads to the laundry room.

7-Comfortable desk with beautiful shelves

The mansion is a comfortable study area with a decent rack, where there are a bunch of boxes, and books.

8-Beautiful children's room with bright details

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