The beautiful apartment of a Swedish interior

July 30, 2015
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1-Gentle interior living room

Unusual and gentle Swedish interior in pink sunglasses in the interior creates a romantic air. The interior is light and airy. Pink shades look elegant and very easy. Pink in the interior of diluted bright contrasting black details. The living room is modest but very comfortable, in the essence of the room is a coffee table in black, around which are located cute chairs in shades of pinkish. Above the seating area is a beautiful crystal pendant. In the beginning in the modern interior looks old furnace.

2-Vintage white kitchen with a beautiful sink

The kitchen is really small in white shades of forest. Workplace in the kitchen is made of natural white stone, which gives the kitchen a noble appearance. In the kitchen, closed the set of shelves and drawers that can store food, utensils and cooking equipment.

3-Beautiful bedroom in shades of gray

Interior in white color looks well with shiny black and pale pink shades. The inside utilizes a big number of pillows in black and pink color. The bedroom is decorated in gray, which is cut with soft shades of pink, with a beautiful pastel linen.

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