Exceptionally beautiful duplex apartment in Sweden

July 29, 2015
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1-Beautiful apartment in the attic

Bright and spacious apartment, a huge expanse of the apartment is 119 square meters. The flat consists of two stages. The flat has two sleeping rooms, two baths, a roomy kitchen and living room. The old house is a very old plan, there is an old oven, which is very originally looks in the interior. The apartment receives a great turn of windows that fill the room with natural brightness.

2-Beautiful beige sofa in interior

In the living room a bunch of beautiful and comfortable place to stay. Living room decorated in shades of beige with beautiful furniture. All rooms in the house are adorned in white from ceiling to base. In modern design looks good vintage furniture and accessories: original dining table, chairs, sofas, statues, paintings.

3-Original white kitchen with a beautiful facade

The interior of mixed styles, there are oriental style, which can be seen in accessories, wine-colored bright pillows, statues of gods, copper accessories, candle holders.

4-A long table near the kitchen

The interior of the house there are no curtains, which occupies the interior with daylight. On the ground level there is a beautiful vintage staircase in white. The kitchen is adorned in white, beautiful facade in the interior looks compact and practical. Adjacent to the kitchen original wooden table, which is dissimilar from the facade of the kitchen.

5-Bathroom in white color with a glossy color

Beautiful guest bedroom is decked in a minimalist fashion. Opposite the bottom is a window that illuminates the bed daylight. Bathroom decorated in clean with a white tile.

6-Beautiful bedroom with a beautiful view

The beautiful small bedroom is decorated by a beautiful textile, bright pictures. Textiles has a nice beige texture.

7-Elegant outdoor balcony

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