Beautiful apartment in Poland

July 23, 2015
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2-The long kitchen table with a beautiful bar

Beautiful flat situated in Poland. The inside of the apartment is adorned in a combination of Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style is decorated in bright colors, and added touches of yellow shades, with blue shades. The interior looks positive and upbeat. Living room with open kitchen and dining area, which is shared by a bar.

3-Beautiful dining wooden table

The dining table is constructed of wood and decorated in natural shape. Kitchen bar framed their gray stone. Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen decorated with beautiful cobalt blue vases. In each room, there are fresh flowers in glass vases.

4-Large yellow ottomans in the interior

Interior of a living room adorned with beautiful lamps, floor lamps. The interior of the living room a bunch of shiny pieces in yellow, aqua. For the comfort beautiful knitted ottomans, pillows and covers.

5-Beautiful picture with a beautiful pattern

A long corridor decorated in black and white, on the second level is a beautiful wooden white staircase. Sill decorated with pillows, and you can sit on it. The corridor is decorated with beautiful accessories, paintings, vases with blooms.

6-Bedroom under the beautiful roof

The chamber is situated on the second level, the window is located above the bottom, which lights up the inside of the chamber. The bedroom  is adorned in white, combined with shades of gray and pinkish. The interior of the bedrooms there are two tables, which are fixtures. Beautiful curtains closed windows, which are placed along the rampart.

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