Scandinavian style – white and black

July 22, 2015
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1-Bright living room with red lanterns

Beautiful and smart apartment is decorated in Scandinavian style with a total field of just 57 square meters. The flat is adorned in white, which are complemented by the shining parts, accessories and designer furniture. The living room is a beautiful and large library. Shelves and cupboards are against the rampart, the shelves are beautiful books, supplements, bowls, vases, paintings and other accessories.

2-Beautiful corridor in white

The corridor is very spacious and comfortable, has a comfy bench and a decent closet and shoe racks. Approach the wall there is a beautiful lamp in the shape of a long candle. The inside is adorned with beautiful corridor hanger on which the beautiful watch, key rings, and a diversity of matters.

3-Blue sofa in the interior of the apartment

The living room holds a beautiful large garland that adorns a long shelf in the interior of the flat. In the middle of the living room is a beautiful coffee table.

4-The small kitchen in white

The kitchen is decked in a classic Scandinavian style. White color cuisine goes well with dark tiles and creates a dividing line in the interior of the kitchen. Wooden top looks really respectable in the interior of the kitchen, making a symmetrical appearance. In the kitchen there are many spices that produce in grow in pots.

5-Workplace in the interior of the bedroom

The chamber is decked in shades of gray, the walls are adorned with photos of beautiful wallpaper. The bed is set up from a simple tree. Near the bed is a comfortable working area, with lots of shelves. The shelves are adorned with beautiful books, paintings, and photos. The decor is adorned with beautiful hangers of clothes. On the windowsill is a lamp, candles and live plants in flower pots.

6-Spacious kitchen with a brick wall

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