Best Villa in Ibiza

July 21, 2015
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1-Beautiful terrace under the platform

The stylish house is situated in Ibiza, the house is dressed in white with blue, blue dark glasses. Near the mansion is a comfortable and spacious roof terrace. On the patio, there are comfortable ottomans, which are adorned with pillows. Coffee tables look original, and have a non-standard configuration. White furniture on the terrace well with blue accessories. Near the house is a beautiful and a large swimming pool which merges with nature. The patio provides a beautiful vista of the landscape and the surrounding nature.

2-The bright bedrooms in the interior of the house

The house has two spacious and beautiful bedrooms, which are intended for recreation. The sleeping rooms are dressed in white, which gets well with wooden furniture. Designer furniture in the interior looks harmonious. Interior rooms complement the beautiful paintings and photos.

3-Bedroom with wall

In the living room, low ceilings, and windows installed above the roof. The living room is filled with the blank parts of furniture, which is decorated with beautiful and colorful cushions with beautiful images. Paul paved with beautiful beige carpets with beautiful pictures.

4-bright blue carpet in the interior of the apartment

In the living room is a beautiful glass table that creates weightlessness and visually enlarge the place. Around the table, chairs are beautiful green color with a comfortable seat. On the second level is a wide stairway. On the first storey with big windows and sliding doors that lead to the patio. Interior plants complement the brilliant and new flowers in glass vases. The interior is a lot of is a flock of bright pillows that give the interior a modern flair.

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