Cozy House in Washington

July 20, 2015
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1-Pink shades of the interior

The cozy and gentle house is located in Washington. The old house has been updated, and make a beautiful renovation. The house has a large area, and every place functional, comfortable and practical. The interior is decorated in various colors, the basic colors of peach, pink and beige shades.

2-A beautiful staircase to the second floor

The inside of the house with large windows that overlook a lot of natural light that visually expands the space. The inside is adorned with beautiful paintings, lamps, mirrors. In the living room, which is situated along the first level, where there are plenty of cozy and functional fields.

3-The wide bar in the living room

The kitchen is decked in a classic style which mixes easily into the modern appliances. Near the kitchen is a roomy seating area for the whole household. Near the kitchen is a comfortable bar, which can accommodate all eat for breakfast.

4-bathroom in shades of beige

The bedroom is decorated in beige shades combined with white. Adjacent to the bedroom is a beautiful wall with bookshelves. Approach the window is a comfy chair where you can study a book and relax in the evenings. Near close the children’s room has a beautiful and comfortable bathroom, where children have comfortable chairs.

5-glass shower

Adjacent to the bedroom is a beautiful bathroom, where there is an additional shower is glazed. Bathroom located near the window. Bathroom painted in a beige color with a gold hue. In the inside there are original accessories and furniture in the form of stumps that serve as chairs and a little table.

9-Bright interior of the house terrace

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