July 17, 2015
Posted in Apartments

1-Beautiful apartment in pastel shades

Beautiful and original interior is decorated in pastel shades. Beautiful and bright apartment located in the heart of London. For the interior design uses warm shades, I am gentle and bright objects. Objects look very stylish and elegant.

2-White room with red accessories

The living room combined with dining area, which is located on a beautiful light on a large scale, near the dining area nice and bright wall in shades of pastel. Next to the dining area is located hone holiday with beautiful and colorful cushions on the sofas. The shelves are decorated with painted plates. Artificial fireplace located at the mirrored wall. Glass table in the interior creates a feeling of weightlessness, and expands the space.

3-Beautiful bright kitchen with breakfast bar

Kitchen – small but spacious, with a nice open area to work. The bar counter is decorated artificial stone, arranged around a beautiful bar chairs with colorful cushions. Near the hob mirror design, which looks – beautiful.

4-Two luxury bedrooms with vivid detail

Beautiful bedrooms in a variety of shades. The first bedroom is decorated in bright colors with gray shades. The walls are decorated with beautiful and colorful paintings. The second bedroom is decorated in shades of black and white, with bright black painting bedside.

5-Beautiful outdoor area in the interior

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