Bright Apartment in Brooklyn

July 16, 2015
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1-Beautiful spacious interior in shades of gray

Luxury apartment loft is located in Brooklyn. The interior is very high ceilings that are visually expanding the space. Double windows in the inside of a black box look very bright and strange. Dark walls in the interior look very stylish and smart.

2-Bright fur chairs in the interior of the house

The interior of the living room, double windows look very smart and beautiful, and the natural light that lights up the entire flat. In the living room there is a great amount of furniture in vintage style. Beautiful quilted sofa in beige color that blends well with beautiful seating with artificial skins.

3-beautiful mirror in a circular frame

The kitchen is combined with living room, it looks very fashionable and advanced. The facade is decorated kitchen with gray color with golden hues. Gray facade cuisine goes well with white stone countertops and white tiles. Above the bar are two beautiful gray lamp with brass inserts.

4-black windows in the interior of the apartment

Bedrooms are decorated in light shades of gray, the bed is made from natural wood with gray. Above the headboard is a beautiful design in marine style. Next to the bed are beautiful bedside tables.

5-Beautiful bathroom in shades of gray

A little bath is decorated in shades of gray, which combines well with the artificial gem of black color. Wooden nightstand well with wash basin in natural stone. The bathroom shower is glazed.

6-Vibrant Youth bedroom

The interior of the children’s bedrooms is bright boards, which are bright decoration of the room. The way bears a small table, which replaces the drop zone. One wall is adorned with bright graffiti, which is in the process can be modified.

7-Beautiful design details

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