Bright Apartment in Sao Paulo

July 15, 2015
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1-Beautiful apartment with brown shades and the color of mint

Bright interior with bright of detail. This interior is perfect for a new pair. Stylish and original interior looks modern. On the ground level there is a living room, which is fused with the kitchen and measure. On the interior of the kitchen there is a beautiful bar. The interior uses two basic colors: brown and aqua color. The interior is dressed in the style of Loft: large windows, brick walls, glass, mirrors, retro appliances, and affairs.

7-Beautiful bedroom with a comfortable bed

The bedroom is decorated in the style of the loft, the wall in the interior of the bedroom, which is located at the head of the bed. The bed is very usable and comfortable, there are shelves with convenient baskets that can be utilized for storage, bed linen and items.

6-Beautiful sofa in a vacation spot with bright cushions

On the second floor is a workspace with a comfortable place to relax. Gray sofa with colorful pillows that adorn the interior of the room. The walls in the interior are adorned in white and the ceiling is the innate color.

5-Elegant glass staircase in the interior

On the second level is a beautiful wooden staircase, under which a large number of shelves, which can store food, utensils, and other items for the kitchen. The kitchen has a small island for cooking.

4-Beautiful dining area in shades of turquoise

The kitchen is decked in shades of gray, which color goes well with a wooden facade kitchen. The kitchen adds a bright and vintage turquoise refrigerator.

3-Large and comfortable sofa in the middle of the living room

Near the dining area is a comfy seating area, located brown leather couches. The inside of the apartment looks good plastic furniture, which looks weightless and expands the space.

8-Bright bathroom with mirrored wardrobe

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