Luxury apartments in New York

July 14, 2015
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1-Beautiful sculpture in the interior of the apartment

Beautiful apartment in gray tones are located in New York. Gray in the interior parts diluted bright, colorful textiles, bright frames with pictures. The interior is stylish, elegant and harmonious. On the ground floor there is a living room with beautiful fireplace in white. Fireplace decorated with a vase of pink flowers, beautiful books, figurines.

8-beautiful purple sofa

In the living room with big windows, which are placed along the rampart. Furniture in the interior has a diversity of color shades: dark purple, amber and gray. The interior of the living room adds a bright carpet with beautiful drawings. Hall – small but comfy, with a comfy sofa.

7-Beautiful children's room with hut

Children’s room has dark shades that diluted baby toys, pillows, and ottomans in the shape of mushrooms look – neat. For a youngster sustains a beautiful and comfortable tent for games.

5-The bedroom in shades of gray

Luxurious bedroom in shades of gray perfectly with bright textiles in pink with beautiful cushions and a bright zigzag. Next to the bed are bedside tables made of wood. Furniture looks very vintage. The cozy interior complements terry wool beige carpet.

4-plush carpet in the interior of a living room

Near the living room is a dining area with a beautiful wooden table in a green vintage style. Next to the dining area is a beautiful black and white staircase that seems really graceful.

3-Black classic bathroom with white objects

The toilet is decorated in shades of black, decorated toilet with wooden panels in black. White sanitary ware: toilet, sink – looks interesting and vivid. The carpet in a grim and white striped interior emphasizes the toilet

2-The white kitchen with red details>

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