Bright House in Portland

July 13, 2015
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1-Beautiful one-storey house

Bright family house is located in Portland. The inside of the house is adorned with simple details. The owner of the house creates a bright part and accessories, items for people. Close to the mansion is a beautiful green landscape, with large trees, beautiful shrubs and a green lawn. The living room is conferring with a wide and comfortable kitchen. In the living room a serene color scheme in white shades that combine comfortably with the vivid detail: chairs, pillows.

2-Vivid detail in the interior of the house

The living room is a wood stove, and some are a beautiful stack of wood. Fireplace decorated with old books,a beautiful frame with a fragment of the map. The original candlesticks adorn the fireplace in the evening.

3-Bright workstation with live plants

Sleeping room with original design, constituent of the wall is painted white, and some framed with wooden display panels in gray. Bedroom complements the bright white accessories in low. Approach the bottom is a beautiful carpet checkered blue. Next to the bed are beautiful lamp with blue shades. Near the window there is a little table in dark. The work place is located in the living room among the lockers. The wall in the workplace is framed with wooden tables, where the beautiful paintings and children’s drawings.

4-Beautiful wooden house with touches

Behind the mansion is a terrace where there is beautiful and the outdoor oven, which is situated adjacent to the dining table with comfy benches. Golf in the interior framed outdoor tiles.

5-Bright wooden kitchen

The kitchen is spacious and comfortable arena for cooking, which is side opposite the windows. At the center of the kitchen is a kitchen island with a vintage bar stool.

6-The dining area in the apartment

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