Vivid Details In A Modern Apartment

July 10, 2015
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1-Beautiful apartment with bright colors

New color in the interior looks positively brilliant and upbeat. This interior design was made for the new pair. The kitchen and living room combined, but they share a portion of distance. Green originally decorated the ceiling, and the other portion of the interior is dressed in gray color in its naked flesh. The interior of the house used by modern furniture and smart fabrics.

2-Children and bright objects

The inside of the home is decked with burnished and beautiful details: a set of colorful plants with live plants adorn the inside of the flat. The inside of the apartment, there are paintings, drafts, and supplements that make the inside a bright manner

3-Beautiful apartment in a gray color with green hues

The interior of the bedroom used shades of gray on the walls, on the floor a beautiful ornamental gray shade. Bright green plaid decorates the bedroom, and sheds light on it. Next to the bedroom is a bright bathroom with shower in a bright light green shade coupled with gray shades.

4-Beautiful headboard with beautiful diamonds

Another bedroom is also decorated in gray and green shades with bright accessories. Bright headboard made of wood and adorned with beautiful diamonds. Next to the bed are bedside tables in white.

5-Bright living room with green walls

The living room is situated adjacent to the kitchen, and split wood doors with glass insets. Dining table on my knees can move easily in whatever recess of the room.

6-The kitchen in shades of beige

Facade kitchen is dressed in beige color that combines well with a black top, dark and household conveniences. In the interior of the kitchen there are a lot of beautiful lamps that illuminate the area for cooking.

7-Beautiful green toilet

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