Beautiful Swedish Attic Apartment

July 9, 2015
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7-spacious living room with bright details

A small apartment located in the attic in Sweden. The apartment is only 34 square meters. The walls in the interior are adorned in white color which mixes easily with wood bases. The interior of the mansion there is furniture in the old style. The inside of the house is snug and comfortable.

6-A narrow corridor and comfortable with a round mirror

Entry to the household is very attractive. In the hall is a small rack of dress hallway is a beautiful large round mirror. White color corridor diluted black elements, accessories and furniture. Green plants complement the interior of the flat.

5-Bathroom and toilet in a Scandinavian style

The bedroom was next to the living room. Approach the bottom is a beautiful glass table that looks in weightlessness, which is really convenient for small flats. Approach the wall beside the bed a lot of vivid details: beautiful pictures, photos in black form. Succeeding to the bottom there is a mirror in a white form. The bathroom is decorated in classic white.

3-Green plants in the interior of the house

Near the living room is located dining area, which is bordered in white. The furniture is simple but practical, from a popular brand Ikea. Sill decorated with plants, vases with blooms.

2-The luxury kitchen in the apartment house

Facade kitchen – white, matt, with a gray and beautiful tile. Metal appliances harmonious look with a white facade kitchen. Gray tiles protect the kitchen from the dirt, and looks very stylish and modern.

1-Beautiful living room

The interior of the apartments used the original lighting, a large lamp that illuminates the desired area in the interior.

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