Tiny functional apartment in Sweden

July 8, 2015
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6-Luxury apartment with a nice kitchen

Beautiful flat located in Sweden, the total expanse of the apartment is only 62 square meters. Apartment Interior careful attention to detail, the inside is decked with beautiful details, accessories, paintings, statues.

5-shelf edge to the interior of the apartment

Entry to the apartment is located adjacent to the living room. In the hallway a wooden floor is painted white, as are the walls. Wardrobe hiding conductive white shutters. At the entrance floor is located a narrow mirror. Thither is a rack of clothing that is designed for outerwear.

4-Beautiful paintings in the interior of the apartment

Near the living room is a comfortable study area. Workplace decorated in white, complemented by bright black accessories: glossy black chair, a beautiful black box for stationery items.

3-Chic black wardrobe, with bright accessories

The interior of the living room is dressed in white and complemented by bright black accessories and other pieces of furniture. In the middle of the living room there are two comfortable sofas in white, and one black sofa. Sofas decorated with beautiful pillows with bright designs. The interior uses antique furniture, which looks really nice in modern Swedish style.

2-The spacious bathroom with shower

The chamber is adorned in black and ashen. In the white room looks beautiful original black bed black. Above the layer is a beautiful black shelf on which the paintings, drawings. Near the bed is a comfortable bedside table, which are located on the lamp. The bath has a shower, which is situated adjacent to the bathroom, and swallow hole, which is adorned with natural rock. In each room there is a functional lighting.

1-Beautiful living room in white

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