Bright apartment in Sweden

July 6, 2015
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1-Beautiful living room with open kitchen in white

Beautiful and modest apartment are located in Sweden. Small apartment has a total of 32 square meters. The beautiful and elegant apartment is decorated in bright colors that complement the vivid detail. Small apartment has two rooms: a bedroom and a small living room, which is fused with the kitchen.

2-Beautiful bathroom in white with expensive fixtures

Bath and bedroom are decorated in one color white. The walls in the interior are adorned in white, with no superfluous details. A bed in a bedroom with a beautiful black and white linen looks very contrasting. The toilet is adorned in white, there are many convenient built-in shelves for storing cosmetics. Contrast, see a black countertop with sink.

3-beautiful dining area

Near the living room is a corner kitchen with white worktop hazel. Part countertops used as a dining area. The kitchen is a convenient lockers for storing utensils and ingredients.

4-in the corner of a beautiful oven

In the living room is an old corner stove. Bright sofa with colorful pillows purple shades. The table top takes in a round shape, which is very convenient and usable. The inside of the apartment is graced with flowers that animates the interior of the room.

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