July 2, 2015
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1-Bright apartment in the interior

Small apartment has a small area of 31 square meters, but it does not make it worse, the apartment looks very cute and functional. A small space is allowed to make the apartment comfortable and cozy. The interior of the house are all comfortable rooms: living room, kitchen, bathroom and a small balcony.

2-Beautiful entrance to the apartment

The walls of the house are decorated in white to look more spacious space. Simple brick walls decorated in white. Near the entrance is a beautiful open shelf on that hang clothes. The interior of a large number of beams that prop up the ceiling.

3-Luxury apartment living room in white

In the living room, the original form of the ceiling, which has a view of the dome. Located in the center of the room a gray sofa, which are decorated with colorful pillows with stripes. Coffee table made of metal, which is appropriate to look in the interior. The interior of the house is decorated with live plants, which emphasize the interior of the apartment.

4-White bedroom interior apartment

The bedroom is located at the corner of the room, above the bed are beautiful photos, a map in thin frames. Linens gray looks good in the interior. Near the bed is a beautiful lamp in the form of a letter. Near the bed instead of a chair is a small stool, which is a book, and a beautiful flower.

5-kitchen next to the living room

The kitchen is decorated in white, which adds a beautiful countertop beige color, which goes well with a white facade in the kitchen.

6-Book instead of shelves in the interior of the apartment

Instead of shelves used books spread out on the floor, on which there are candlesticks.

7-Beautiful bright bathroom

The bathroom is very small, but comfortable, decorated in white with the classic white tiles.

8-white table in the kitchen interior

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