Gentle House Decor In America

July 1, 2015
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1-beautiful living room with gray sofa

Beautiful and cozy house decorated in pastel shades with comfortable items and supplements. The home has several levels, each level holds a comfortable area on the first level is a hallway along the second living room with kitchenette, located on the third floor children’s room. The inside of the home is dressed in white, which is complemented by bright accessories and details in blue, gray.

2-White Rabbit in the interior of the room

The inside of the house, at that place are a bunch of bright characters and accessories: beautiful mugs with inscriptions, figurines of ceramic, cute plates, dishes, created in the interior very cozy ambience.

3-Beautiful garlands in the interior of the apartment

The children’s room has a bunch of toys, bright furniture and beautiful objects. Many accessories in the interior handmaid: beautiful garlands made of fabric and paper, adorn the walls in the interior.

4-Children's room with bright elements

Children’s room is filled with comfortable items. The children’s room is appropriate to look beautiful tent, where kids can play.

5-Gray living room with vivid detail

The living room is filled with beautiful objects, and appurtenances. The room is embellished in white gloss, which fits in well with the vivid detail: a white coffee table with glass cover, which turns over the table of weightlessness. Beautiful knitted ottomans give the interior a special manner. The inside is bright with wooden furniture with white cushions.

6-Beautiful detail in the interior of the apartment

On the shelves are pots of flowers, beautiful candles, paintings and books that look perfect in the interior. Hares in the interior look very smart and beautiful. Some plants are placed below a glass dome.

7-Bright kitchen in white


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