A beautiful apartment in Stockholm

June 30, 2015
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1-Long bright living room

Beautiful and bright apartment is situated in Stockholm. The total area is about 172 square meters. In this spacious apartment has 5 comfy rooms, beautiful and comfortable bedrooms for guests. The interior of the house is decorated in white and complemented by bright object details. The interior of a big number of bright and comfortable areas.

2-round table in the interior of the apartment

Next to the living room is a dining area, which smoothly into the kitchen. In the living room there are two comfortable sofas in warm colors. The interior of the apartment located copious amounts of live plants that create a lively atmosphere in the interior.

3-beautiful bed in the interior of the house

A beautiful bedroom is adorned in shades of beige with beautiful accessories, and beautiful materials. Adjacent to the bedroom is a beautiful bathroom that shares a beautiful glass partition. The bathroom is large and beautiful bath white.

4-Bright entrance to the interior

Near the living room is a beautiful bar with a black top made of artificial rock, which divides the kitchen and living room. Above the playing area a beautiful floor lamp white, as in the hallway.

5-Beautiful black worktop

The playing area is dressed in white, with a beautiful facade and colorful pens. In the dining area there are piles of herbs and spices that can be used in dishes.

6-Guest bathroom with shower

Guest bedroom is situated with a beautiful shower, next to the bed has a beautiful balcony, where there are live plants.

8-children's room in a strip

The spacious children’s room is adorned in a marine idea, which sustains a comfortable bunk bed, which is located under the seat.

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