Stylish Scandinavian Apartment

June 29, 2015
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1-Living kitchen with a beautiful interior

Small apartment of 33 square meters has many easy and working fields. The apartment interior is attractive and comfy. The studio flat has a living room, which is shared with whitewash area. A living room with a beautiful kitchen is divided by a partition in which is embedded a TV.

2-Beautiful white kitchen with glossy facade

The interior living room is decorated in shades of white, which framed a bright copper working wall. Beautiful silver appliances, built into the furniture look harmonious and beautiful.

3-Beautiful white kitchen narrow room in the interior

The living room is a commodious and comfortable area with a white sofa, which is adorned with colorful cushions. The dining area is adorned with a round table white on chrome leg.

4-Roundtable white interior room

A small kitchen is decorated with a narrow facade. The floor of the interior is decorated with natural wood in a bright color that looks perfectly at the interior of the apartment. Approach the entryway is a beautiful chest of drawers in white aged form. Above the chest of drawers is a beautiful framed mirror.

5-A narrow room with a beautiful interior

Beautiful bedrooms are dressed in a small room, headboard in black contrasting looks in the inside of the apartment, the wall is adorned with a beautiful regiment artificial lighting. The layer is low, and is against the rampart. The walls in the inside decorated with beautiful and colorful paintings. The toilet is decorated in black and white. The bath floor tiles in black, which looks good with a nice matte black facade. Scandinavian flair in the interior of a small apartment that seems more better.

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